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Theodorakakos - Estate

Orange-rosy color with caramel aromas of cherry and strawberry. Delicious, leaving sweetness and refreshing acidity in mouth...
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Theodorakakos Kydonitsa 2020
JR '15
Straw bright color, mild aromas of yellow fruits and vanilla. Good sense body, well-balanced, aromatic, lemon-like mouth-feel with a medium-level acidity and a good finish...
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Theodorakakos Perivleptos White 2019 Theodorakakos Perivleptos White 2019
Out Of Stock
Delicate yellow color, framed by a gold wreath. Moderate nose with distinguished notes of lime, orange and lemon peel, and hints of fresh yellow fruits. Light mouth, with good acidity and fruity aftertaste...
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Dark cherry color and nose composed of a ripe bouquet of plum jam, quince paste, cocoa, chestnut and butter. Well-structured mouth, with tannins and strong personality...
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Vivid red color of medium density with light red brick highlights. Aromas of ripe cherries and plums, vanilla and cocoa, as also oak, coconut and notes of licorice. Light mouth-feel with a quite good acidity and tannins...
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