Tamiolakis - Winery

The Tamiolakis estate is located at the village Houdetsi in Heraklion, within the PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) wine region. It consists of a 50 acre vineyard and the winery is fully equipped. The vineyard was initially shaped by Minas Tamiolakis, chemical-oenologist with 30 years experience and deep knowledge of the Cretan vineyard and his wife Evangelia, economist and daughter of one of the largest wine merchants in the area of ​​Heraklion. The works to shape the difficult ground started in 1995 and 40 acres were initially planted in 1997. The estate, as it is currently formed, is 500 meters above sea level and it is oriented north-south. From the very start, winery personnel were interested in the promotion of indigenous Cretan varieties. Experimental vinification began blending Cretan varieties or trying blends with international varieties to find the best combination. The aim and the particular interest of the family was to highlight the forgotten local varieties such as Muscat Spinas, Vidiano & Plyto and discover which ones produce the best results in the particular terroir of the estate. Having the high quality as top priority, the cultivation was planned and based on small yields. Today, the "boutique" winery has passed the new generation winemakers. Maria Tamiolakis with biology and oenology studies in Bordeaux, France, is responsible for public relations and sales, while Dimitris Mansolas, agronomist and oenologist, graduate of the University of Bordeaux, deals with the supervision of the estate and the winemaking. The total annual production reaches 35,000 bottles. Tamiolakis wines are mainly characterized by the fruit of the variety aromas and the velvety taste.

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