Syros wines

“Syros winery” is a small-sized winery, located in Lagkada, in Talanta village, on the way to Galissa. It was founded in 2011 by the oenologist, Nikolaos Hatzakis. Taking advantage of the rare specific characteristics of the Cycladean vineyards and the microclimate of the island which is affected by the sea breeze, the strong sunshine, the sandy soil and the cool northern winds, Syros winery releases two wine labels, for now. The first, "San ta maratha", is based on the multi-dynamic variety of Assyrtiko, while the second, "Fabrica" is a blend of the white island varieties Monemvasia and Kountoura.

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Fabrica White 2018 Out Of Stock

Fabrica White 2018

A white-yellow, cool wine with greenish hues and aromas of fresh white fruits like banana, apricot, pear, and also lemon cues, lemon zest and mineral notes. Fruity and fresh mouth sense, with good aci..

7.70€Ex Tax: 6.21€

San ta Maratha 2018 Out Of Stock

San ta Maratha 2018

Pale yellow, almost white color and lemony nose, with earthy tones, notes citrus and suspicion of orange flowers. Serious and fresh mouthsense, with acidity that gives nerve, minerality, and a pretty ..

10.60€Ex Tax: 8.55€

Syros Winery Sheriff Fatman 2018

Syros Winery releases its first label of the rare Serifiotiko grape, bringing a taste of the Greek islands in your glass. Smart concept, refreshing wine with high level of alcohol (14.2%) and moderate..

12.50€Ex Tax: 10.08€