Anama 2011 500ml

Out Of Stock Anama 2011 500ml
VarietyXynisteri, Mavro
Alcohol Vol13%
Bottle Size (lt)0.5
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Anama is a naturally sweet wine made from sundried grapes.  A contemporary concept based on the foundations of the oldest historically recorded wine in the world, “Kyprion Nama”, and its successor, known today as “Commandaria”, thus produced from Cyprus indigenous grape varieties Xynisteri (white) & Mavro (red). The limited scale production is made using modern oenological methods and followed by a 2-year aging period in new oak barrels.  Finally, the "outfit" of the wine is custom-designed & made on an annual basis. Each & every bottle is labeled using precious materials and bares a unique hand-punched number, thus completing the collectable profile of the product.

The vineyards that provide us with the grapes used for the making of Anama, are situated in a village called Agios Mamas of the Commandaria region, and consist of vines over 150 years old. Even though there are many facts that compose the general methodology used in the production of Anama, the process is customized year after year and designed around what nature provides with. Just as nature evolves with the passing of the years, i.e. different climate conditions, rainfall, temperature and sunlight, producing Anama is never a standardized process. On the contrary, the "takings" of every harvest are exploited in a different way each year and with the usage of contemporary oenological knowledge, each vintage is different to the year preceding it. Following a scientific vinification, the wine is transferred into new barrels of various types and sizes, made from French and American oak. The wine is left to "rest" for 2 years, before it is bottled in its unfiltered state, in order to preserve its natural character. Τhroughout the entire wine-making process, usage of sulphates is strictly controlled, a fact that ensures that the general sulphate content of the wine is much below average, and no additional alcohol is used whatsoever.  
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