Strange Brew

Strange Brew is a quite new effort in the microbrewing scene, with about one year of life, and it is a part of the so-called gypsy or contract brewing. Brewers, that is, without proprietary brewery that produce their own recipes in existing facilities throughout Greece. They started working with the Laconic Brewery in Gythio and now their beers are produced at the Chios Microbrewery, since the quantity and variety needs have increased.
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Strange Brew Jasmine IPA

A beer with personality. Bright aromas of tropical fruits that are followed by gentle spicy notes. Full, fruity mouth, pleasant bitterness and mild texture, with bittersweet after-taste. ..

3.00€Ex Tax: 2.42€

Strange Brew Mandy Black Export Stout

Deep black color, with aromas of dark chocolate and roasted cereals. Full body, soft coffee and chocolate notes, along with some delicate red fruit that makes her stand out. ..

3.00€Ex Tax: 2.42€

Strange Brew Dr. Haze Imperial IPA

"Sick and tired of all those generic, sterilized things around? No one is feeling down, when Dr. Haze is in town!"Hazy deep gold color and a white head, with hoppy aromas of tropical and citrus fruit...

3.50€Ex Tax: 2.82€