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Kavalan Vinho matures in used American Oak wood barrels that have been toasted and re charred in a way  that brings about fruity vanilla notes from the whisky and wood overlaid on a delicate background of complex fruitiness. It has deep golden color and complex aromas of vanilla, caramelized sugar w..
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KI NO BI Kyoto Dry Gin
1 - 2 Days
KI NO BI, which means "The Beauty of the Seasons" is the first Japanese gin, that is distilled and bottled in Kyoto, Japan. It's a gin of 45.7% alcohol with its characteristic dry style, but also some particular Japanese characteristics. These come from the Kyoto herbs used in distillation such as b..
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Brand: Beluga
From the heart of Siberia, Beluga is a Russian vodka created with the most modern distillation techniques. It is filtered three times and then "rest" for 30 days, which adds to the character of the distillate. The citrus aromas will be followed by a slightly sweet, creamy texture on the palate and a..
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Redbreast 15 years old
1 - 2 Days
This is a very good "pure pot still" (or "single pot still" referring to a style of Irish whiskey where a mix of malt and unmalted barley are distilled in the same pot still) whiskey with 15 years ageing that gives flavors and complexity. Sweet aromas are detected with marzipan, caramel, sandalwood,..
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Connemara 12 years old Peated Single Malt
1 - 2 Days
A peated single malt whisky from Ireland, by Cooley distillery. The nose is lemony and fresh with oily peat, touches of apple and pear and a hint of custard. Sweet on the palate with earthy peat, custard sweets, cream, malt and smoke. Light finish of medium strength with some vanilla and fruit, as w..
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Port Ellen 32 years old
1 - 2 Days
This is an impressive whiskey aged for 32 years! in ex-Bourbon and ex-Sherry casks. The version released in 2015 was the last one and there is high probability that we will not see such whiskey pretty soon. Although Islay malts tend to have coastal and sea breeze aromas, this one has more creamy aro..
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Old Pulteney 12 years old
1 - 2 Days
This 12 years old Pulteney matures wholly in air-dried, hand selected ex-bourbon casks. It has deep amber color and medium to high intensity aromas with a briny hint of sea breeze. Smooth, dry and faintly salty on the palate with flowers, citrus, lime, banana, honey and cream with some hints of spic..
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Macallan Rare Cask
1 - 2 Days
Crafted to showcase complexity and depth, Rare Cask is drawn from the broadest spectrum of American and Spanish sherry seasoned casks, 16 different types. It has mahogany color and an opulent yet soft nose. Deep vanilla and elegant oak aromas with raisin, chocolate, sweet apple, lemon and orange bea..
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Laphroaig Brodir Islay Single Malt
1 - 2 Days
A whiskey with contrasts where the maritime character (with intense peatiness) is aged in former bourbon casks to be transferred in barrels that were previously used for Ruby Port ageing. The result of these contrasts is however impressive. Lemon aromas, candied tropical fruit and iodine in a backgr..
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Laphroaig An Cuan Mor Islay Single Malt
1 - 2 Days
An Cuan Mor is one of the Laphroaig single malts  from Islay, Scotland. An Cuan Mor means "Big Ocean" in Gaelic and refers to the final maritime character of the whiskey. Initially aged in bourbon White American oak first hand barrels and then in European oak barrels. It has a dark amber color and s..
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Lagavulin 16 years old
1 - 2 Days
It is true that the 16 year old has become a benchmark Islay malt from the Lagavulin distillery. It has one of the smokiest noses, very concentrated and redolent of iodine, sweet spices, mature sherry and creamy vanilla. Very thick and rich on the palate, full of malt and sherry with fruity sweetnes..
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Highland Park 25 years old
1 - 2 Days
A late 2012 release of Highland Park's excellent 25 year old whisky. A mix of ex-sherry and bourbon cask matured whisky to balance honey with rich fruit, as well as a lick of the distilleries trademark Orcadian peatiness. It has soft aromas of plump cherries, toasted walnut and brown sugar. Stewed f..
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