Silva Daskalaki wines

The passion for quality wine inherited by their ancestors inpired them to continue the wine making tradition of the family. Since 1890, they used to make wine in the small-sized winery of the family which was located in the plot of the house. The house and the winery were constructed with stones and sand transported from the river, by animals. However, the winery is not in function any more. The family owns 70 acres of wine making varieties sparsely planted in several regions of the municipality of Paliani. During the last four years, they release their wines in bottles. Irini Daskalaki is the viticulturist and owner of the winery which is located in Siva village, in the municipality of Paliani, in the Prefecture of Heraklion. The cultivation of vines is subject to the biodynamic method. Moreover, the vines and the winery are certified by DIO Association (Inspection and Certification of organic products).

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