Sgouridis wines

Sgouridi Wines was the vision of Panagiotis and Anastasia Sgouridou. Based on their passion and family tradition in distillery, they created gradually over the period 2000-2005, one vineyard of about 100 acres. Their two sons, Napoleon and Sgouris, are now the ones to realize their parents vision. The organic vineyard extends over the low hills of Abdera, on the coast of Thrace, on the side of Lagos lagoon, an area that in ancient times was famous for the quality of its wines. Ms. Anastasia Sgouridou, agriculturist, supervises the works at the vineyard, while the vinification and bottling so far is performed at Foundi Estate, at Stranga of Naoussa, under the responsibility of the oenologist Mr Dimitri Ziani.

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