Santorini Wines

The peculiar character of the Santorini wine comes primarily from the islands unique volcanic ground. Among the most characteristic features of the Santorini micro climate is the relative lack of water and high winds along with a sometimes dense night fog offering much needed humidity. In Santorini the Assyrtiko type dominates together with Athiri and Aidani. P.D.O. Santorini wines include the dry white "Nychteri" and the sweet dessert wines "Vinsanto".
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Santo Wines Nykteri Reserve 2017

An aged wine from the three white grape varieties of Santorini. Bright golden color, medium intens..

25.40€ 24.90€Ex Tax: 20.08€

Argyros Vinsanto 4 Years 2012
RP '09
JR '09
D '09
Silver (92)

Argyros Vinsanto 4 Years 2012

Attractive caramel color. Good aromatic intensity, with complexity. Dried apricots, peel bergamot,..

31.00€ 29.90€Ex Tax: 24.11€

Hatzidakis Nykteri 2018
RP '07
JR '14
D '13

Hatzidakis Nykteri 2018

Yellow golden color. We meet the characteristic fruity aroma of Assyrtiko, where tea and dried fru..

37.20€ 35.90€Ex Tax: 28.95€

Gaia Thalassitis Submerged 2015

An idea that seemed crazy and was definitely extremely risky (remember that the first year only 3 ..

249.60€Ex Tax: 201.29€