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Wines of Achaia

With vineyards that exceed 67,000 acres, the area of ​​Achaia presents 4 Designation of Origin wines, three of which are dessert wines. The unique dry fruity white is the P.D.O. Patras made from Roditi grapes and mostly from grapes coming from mountainous and controlled production vineyards. The other three Appellation of Origin wines of Achaia are sweet and DOP: Muscat of Patras, Rion Patras Muscat and the world famous Mavrodaphne Patras. The first two are produced from the white Muscat, known globally as Muscat blanc a petits grains. The third, from grapes Mavrodaphne and Black Corinthian.Also in Achaia, significant interest presents the area of ​​Aigialeia, a band whose virtues are even mentioned by Pausanias in his "Achaean". On the north hills, which enjoy the cool air currents and stare at the narrow Gulf of Corinth, and in vines with lower yields than the rest of Achaia, dominates the mountain Roditis variety. Wonderful and very special wines of P.G.I. Aegialia are produced there, blended with other varieties like: Chardonnay, Lagorthi, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.

Tetramythos Retsina
JR '16
A very well made retsina wine, with soft shades of resin, which come into full harmony with the cool aromas of lemon and fresh yellow fruit. Herbs in the mouth, cool and with good acidity. Aftertaste with a pleasant sense of resin...
7.50€ 7.81€
Ex Tax:6.05€
By mating the Mavrodaphne and Muscat varieties, a natural rose semi-sweet wine with bright rose color, floral aroma, a special freshness and sweet Muscat aftertaste...
9.00€ 9.50€
Ex Tax:7.26€
Tetramythos winery dynamic entrance in the field of natural organic wines is quite impressive.Roditis Naturε comes from nearly 50 years old vines planted in a cup form at 850 meters in mountainous Aigialia . In the Tetramythos Naturε category, it is the mainstream of the two variants of Roditis. The..
Ex Tax:9.52€
Tetramythos winery dynamic entrance in the field of natural organic wines is quite impressive.This is one of the very few Retsinas that change what we know about this style of wine. Roditis from vines in a cup form without being watered, which means low yields and high quality. Only free run mus..
Ex Tax:7.66€
Mega Spileo Cabernet Sauvignon 2012
RP '12
Solid red color with attractive crimson hues. Bouquet with mature characters, such as black pepper, plum jam, butter caramel, vanilla, coffee, roasted nuts. Velvety mouth and exuberant, with a giving raciness acidity and tannins offering personality and maintainance of its characteristics to aging...
14.00€ 15.50€
Ex Tax:11.29€
A wonderful Sauvignon Blanc by Domain Mega Spileo. The color is bright subtle yellow, with light green highlights. We find strong aromas of citrus and tropical fruits in the nose, with notes of mint and grass to follow. On the palate it is of medium body, with crunchy acidity, an oily sense that nic..
8.70€ 10.20€
Ex Tax:7.02€
Deep red colour, cherry, sour cherry and liquorice bouquet. Rich mouthfeel with velvety tannins and a long aftertaste. Classic red vinification. Aged in old oak barrels. Organic rainfed vineyards at the foothills of select areas. Pairs great with meat in all its forms...
12.60€ 13.00€
Ex Tax:10.16€
Tetramythos winery dynamic entrance in the field of natural organic wines is quite impressive. It comes from the highest vineyards at 915 meters and relatively new vines of 11 years old. Typical Muscat aromas in the beginning but it has much more like wonderful fruit and a mineral dimension. Unbeli..
16.90€ 17.60€
Ex Tax:13.63€
Estate Mega Spileo Red 2014
RP '13
D '12
Gold (95)
Solid red color, robust aromas of ripe red fruit, wood, coffee and roasted almonds. Moderate volume mouthfeel, with sharp tannins, moderate acidity and jam flavors...
17.70€ 18.60€
Ex Tax:14.27€
Vivid pink color with violet hues and striking nose of fresh red fruits aromas like strawberry, cherry and spices. Mouth robust and generous, with a giving raciness acidity...
11.30€ 11.80€
Ex Tax:9.11€
Mega Spileo Syrah 2013
RP '11
D '10
Commended (84)
Dark crimson color and aromas of ripe red fruits framed by hints of chocolate, pepper, nuts, raisins and ham. Velvety and balanced mouth with good volume and fairly soft tannins. Sufficiently long aftertaste with peppery finish...
13.00€ 13.60€
Ex Tax:10.48€
Tetramythos White 2020
RP '17
JR '16
Pale lemon colour with light green hues. Intense and complex aroma, with notes of citrus and flowers. Mouth with volume and an interesting acidity that elevates this wine to a higher level. Pleasant and refreshing, aromatic aftertaste...
9.30€ 9.50€
Ex Tax:7.50€
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