Wines from Pylos

The establishment of the acceptance of the white wine, P.G.I. Pylos, which is based on the varieties Chardonnay, Roditis and Ugni blanc, indicates the importance of this place in viticulture and vinification. The terroir of Pylos has a singular and clear personality that is reflected on the typical, rich and aromatic wines produced here.
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Aged Tsipouro Navarino Vineyards

This aged tsipouro has been produced from selected grape mark distilled at low temperature in trad..

31.40€ 30.40€Ex Tax: 24.52€

Tsipouro Navarino Vineyards

This blended tsipouro has been produced at a low temperature in copper stills under the careful su..

21.10€ 20.50€Ex Tax: 16.53€

Kotyle Red 2015

Hot and dense ruby color with a complex bouquet of spicy aromas with vanilla, ripe fruit and jam, ..

32.50€Ex Tax: 26.21€

Navarino Kotyle White 2017

Golden color, in a wine with ripe nose of peach and apricot jams, apple and banana, but also elega..

18.90€Ex Tax: 15.24€

Navarino 1827 Red 2018

Glowing red color and a nose that reveals youth, with aromas of fresh red fruits and aromatic herb..

13.50€Ex Tax: 10.89€