Wines from Pieria

The most interesting wine producing regions in Pieria are Pydna, Petra and Kolindros. From these regions are produced the Protected Designation of Origin (P.G.I.) Pieria wines. The cultivated varieties in this area are the local ones of Assyrtiko, Malagouzia, Roditis, Savatiano, Agiorgitiko, Xinomavro, Pamidi, Limniona and the international varieties of Syrah, Grenache, Cinsault, Merlot, Cabernet, Chardonnay, Sauvignon and Trebbiano.
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META Malagousia 2011
RP '11

META Malagousia 2011

Belongs to the orange wines, meaning those who have been aged in a deliberate presence of oxygen. ..

20.00€ 19.10€Ex Tax: 15.40€

Kourtis Nyhta 2017 -14%

Kourtis Nyhta 2017

Wine of greenish-yellow color. Elegant nose dominated by apricot, chamomile flowers and quince . W..

15.10€ 13.05€Ex Tax: 10.52€

Eos 2017 -11%

Eos 2017

Wine produced from the vinification of red varieties Xinomavro and Syrah. It has a balanced flavor..

9.50€ 8.45€Ex Tax: 6.81€

Oinovion 2015

Deep red color and intense violet shades. Fruity complex nose with aromas of small red fruit and j..

12.00€ 11.50€Ex Tax: 9.27€

Dougos Mavrotragano 2016
JR '16

Dougos Mavrotragano 2016

The region and the variety: From a small vineyard in Kontariotissa, Pieria with poor sandy soils a..

51.80€Ex Tax: 41.77€

Kitrvs Malagousia 2018
D '16
Bronze (89)
Out Of Stock

Kitrvs Malagousia 2018

Tempting aromas, quite intensive, where notes of lychee, pineapple, fresh basil and freshly cut pe..

10.60€Ex Tax: 8.55€

Gymnos Vasilias (Naked King) 2016
RP '12

Gymnos Vasilias (Naked King) 2016

Dense black color and spicy aromas of pepper, cherry, plum, coffee, vanilla and honeyed notes at t..

31.20€ 29.90€Ex Tax: 24.11€

Efhes Erateines Red 2016
RP '12

Efhes Erateines Red 2016

Deep red color. Aromas of red fruits, spicy spices, tomato paste, sweet gentle oak, cherries and p..

14.50€ 14.00€Ex Tax: 11.29€

Naked Queen 2017

Golden color, as it is appropriate for a queen. In the initially relatively closed nose, we distin..

18.80€ 18.40€Ex Tax: 14.84€

Idealista 2017 Out Of Stock

Idealista 2017

Following the success of its experimental Aglianico, the upcoming Kitrvs winery in Pieria, Macedon..

12.60€Ex Tax: 10.16€

Kitrvs Syrah 2015
D '14
Silver (90)
Out Of Stock

Kitrvs Syrah 2015

It's a keeper. This wine with robust tannins, is an excellent option to invest for the future. Whi..

12.90€Ex Tax: 10.40€

Kitrvs Lost Hellanico 2015

Wine with peppery strength and maturity coming from its 12-month aging in barrels. It has a comple..

13.50€Ex Tax: 10.89€

Kourtis Nyhta 2018

Wine of greenish-yellow color. Elegant nose dominated by apricot, chamomile flowers and quince . W..

14.70€Ex Tax: 11.85€

Kourtis Ino 2017

Wine of golden-yellow color. Impressive nose, dominated by aromas of roasted nuts, honey, cedar an..

12.90€Ex Tax: 10.40€

Kourtis Xinomavro 2016

 The vineyards of the Kourtis Estate were planted in 1997, and have been cared for since then..

17.80€Ex Tax: 14.35€

Chrisostomou White 2018

Chrisostomou Winery is located in the Kitros area of Pieria and cultivates Malagousia variety in v..

11.20€Ex Tax: 9.03€

Chrisostomou Malagousia Barrel 2017

Chrisostomou Winery is located in the Kitros area of Pieria and cultivates Malagousia in vineyards..

13.00€Ex Tax: 10.48€

Chrisostomou Mousaios White 2018

Chrisostomou Estate follows the family tradition and produces wines in an ideal terroir in Kitros,..

12.20€Ex Tax: 9.84€

Chrisostomou Mousaios Rosé 2018

Chrisostomou winery excels at blending local varieties, in the perfect terroir, using the knowledg..

11.20€Ex Tax: 9.03€

Chrisostomou Mousaios Red 2013

Chrisostomou winery is located in the area of Kitros, in Pieria, and has been cultivating vineyard..

19.80€Ex Tax: 15.97€

Chrisostomou Kidonies 2018

The private-owned vineyards of estate Chrisostomou are located in Kitros, Pieria and are cultivate..

10.50€Ex Tax: 8.47€