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Pieria Eratini - Winery

Pieria Erateini Efhes Erateines Red 2018 Pieria Erateini Efhes Erateines Red 2018
RP '12
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Deep red color. Aromas of red fruits, spicy spices, tomato paste, sweet gentle oak, cherries and plums. Thick mouth sense with good acidity and well-structured tannins. Aftertaste with peppery duration...
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Golden color, as it is appropriate for a queen. In the initially relatively closed nose, we distinguish fine aromas of exotic fruits, citrus, nuts and vanilla, revealing its past in acacia barrel (for the Assyrtiko). Robust mouthfeel with characteristic concentration, good acidity and a persistent &..
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Pieria Eratini Efhes Eratines White 2019
RP '15
Pale yellow appearance, with lemon and citrus aromas combined with elegant touches of mango, butter and notes of white flowers. Crispy, well-structured mouth, with tasty herbal aromas such as thyme and ginger. Refreshing, fruity and persistent aftertaste...
11.50€ 11.80€
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Pieria Eratini Gymnos Vasilias (Naked King) 2017 Pieria Eratini Gymnos Vasilias (Naked King) 2017
RP '12
Dense black color and spicy aromas of pepper, cherry, plum, coffee, vanilla and honeyed notes at the nose.  Full, thick and well-structured mouthsense, intense tannins, with subtle and fruity aftertaste...
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Long-lasting foaming with intensity. Pale yellow color with soft aromas of almond flower, pear, peach, yeast and citrus notes. Well-built and floral mouth, enters sweetly and has a gentle acidity, minerality and a candy cool aftertaste...
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