Kleopatra's Pantry Organic & chunky fresh olive tapenade

Kleopatra's Pantry Organic & chunky fresh olive tapenade
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Most commercial olive spreads are made from olive paste or olive by-products. We set out to make a premium olive spread, made from organic black Kalamata olives that have been chopped, for a chunkier texture and even more taste. They are naturally cured in a sea salt and vinegar brine and preserved in layers of olive oil.

Ingredients: Organic black Kalamata olives, organic olive oil, organic vinegar, pure sea salt.

Important notes

This is an original hand-made recipe. We have chosen to prioritize freshness and taste over length of shelf life and our chunky olive spread is not pasteurized in order to preserve the superb flavour. At low temperatures, the olive oil in the jar may form waxy clusters. This is perfectly natural and will dissolve at room temperature.

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