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Papargyriou - Estate

Papargyriou Le Vigneron Grec 2020
JR '15
Golden color of an Assyrtiko that was fermented for 10 days with its marc, but also Muscat marc, and was aged for about seven months in barrels of 500 liters. Aromas of apricot jam, peach, orange peel and some muscat notes. Full and exuberant mouth feel with rich tannins that evolves over time. Long..
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Papargyriou Blanc Moschoudi-Assyrtiko 2020 Wild Ferment
RP '17
Out Of Stock
Bright yellow color, in a blend where Moschoudi signs with its typical aromas of rose, lukumi, quince and mint, with hints of tea and pineapple. Mouth with a pretty good volume, crispy acidity and aromatic aftertaste...
11.50€ 11.90€
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Papargyriou Le Roi Des Montagnes Syrah 2019 Papargyriou Le Roi Des Montagnes Syrah 2019
RP '12
JR '12
A wine with an impressive wrap, but also special content. Really high percentage of alcohol, as this exuberant wine is produced from overripe grapes and has an interesting bouquet of marmeladed fruits and brandy. Almost chewable mouth sense, with unrivaled wealth, intense sensation of alcohol, but a..
25.90€ 27.20€
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Papargyriou winery's orange wine comes from a very low acreage yield and is 100% Assyrtiko. The grapes come from a high altitude vineyard in Sofiana, Corinth. Harvesting is slow and fermentation takes place with native yeasts. The wine remains in contact with its skins for 35 days, then for 15 month..
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Another robust wine from the winery of Corinth, produced from overripe grapes and after being aged for 24 months in oak barrels, acquiring a complex and masculine aromatic bouquet. Hints of cocoa and roasted coffee beans are the background to strong cues from black cherry, raspberry jam, vanilla, qu..
22.70€ 23.40€
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Papargyriou Late Harvest 2019
1 - 2 Days
A delicious and well made wine from overripe grapes. Extremely delicate and elegant aromas, with hints of chamomile, jasmine, apple pie, apricot jam and honey, with hints of muscat. Delicate and controlled sweetness in a robust mouthsense, that despite its roundness, the brave acidity provides an ex..
12.90€ 13.30€
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Papargyriou The Unique Mavrostyfo 2019
Out Of Stock
A new discovery by Estate Papargyriou, is the dry version of the rare variety of Argolida Mavrostyfo. The vineyard is at 950m altitude and bottling is done without the use of catalysts or any filtering. It has aged for 12 months in oak barrels, has intense fruity aromas in the nose and a full, yet s..
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Papargyriou Don Giovanni 2017
Out Of Stock
Clear and bright red color, and string aromas of oak, smoke, fresh aromatic herbs and spices, framed by hints of dried fruit and nuts. Android mouthsense, round and with rich tannins and acidity that gives nerve and intensity.  Long aftertaste underlined by its characteristic astringency...
17.30€ 18.00€
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Papargyriou Le Roi Des Montagnes Assyrtiko 2018 Papargyriou Le Roi Des Montagnes Assyrtiko 2018
RP '16
Only 1 Left
From a single vineyard at an altitude of 800 meters in Sofiana, Corinth, Yiannis Papargyriou produces a rich and thick, 'continental' in character Assyrtiko. Mellow peaches and sweet apricots in the nose along herbal nuances give the tone. On the palate, despite the high alcohol, the razor sharp aci..
20.30€ 21.00€
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Impressive cool climate Chardonnay from Yiannis Papargyriou grown at 700 m of altitude in the Peloponnese. Beautiful, mineral with struck match reduction on the nose. Fresh and elegant with just 13.1% abv this has developed already nice complexity but will reward cellaring. Matured in 3rd use 500 l..
15.70€ 16.20€
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Papargyriou The Black Daphne 2018
Only 1 Left
A variety that we got used to see it in sweet wines, here in a very successful and limited production "dry" wine. Deep red color with complex aromas of which we mainly distinguish red berries. Rich mouthsense with lively acidity and soft tannins...
18.90€ 19.70€
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