Ouzo: instructions of usage

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“You drink a lot, you wake up well” they say in Chios for ouzo. But if you want to follow the instructions to enjoy ouzo, then you should do what they do in Mytilini (Lesvos). A few drops of water will help its aromatic richness to unfold and these drops are the only intervention that the drinkers of Lesvos allow. If you insist, you can add ice as well. The purpose is to enjoy it, so you should prefer a long and narrow glass which highlights the best features of ouzo. However, you should in no case keep it in the refrigerator, because it contains anethole (the substance that gives the distinctive aroma, flavor and the milky complexion when we add water) and its composition may change inside the refrigerator. 

What needs to be emphasized is the alcohol of the ouzo you choose. The ouzo with a low degree of alcohol is more ideal to enjoy with food, especially if you eat next to the sea and under the sun. The ouzo with a higher degree of alcohol is better as an aperitif. They can also be one of the ingredients of a cocktail. Suggestion: If you are a fan of gin & tonic, try it with a twist, with a few drops of ouzo - just for the flavor and give it a Greek summer feeling.

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