Olea olive oil

Olea groves is located in the southern part of Greece, Peloponnese a region with a very long history in olive oil production, also known for its calcareous soils, limestone slopes and steep cliffs, as well as its ideal coastal climate. For several centuries, the 80 acres of fertile land has been hosting thousands of fruitful olive trees which are cultivated under their care, following the strict rules of traditional farming.

Among their 6,000 trees, from the varieties (cultivars) Manaki and Koroneiki, there are 200 that are at least 2,000 years old. Annually and depending on weather conditions, the fruits of a selected number of trees from the Manaki variety display black spots on their skin that are globally unique.

Their bottling and packaging method is one of a kind since the custom made bottles have to go through a semi-automatic and artisanal procedure in the ISO 22000 certified premises. The olive oil is bottled only after the reception of an order so that their customers get OleaJuice™ as fresh as it can be. Each of the limited edition bottles is individually numbered by hand.

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