Oak Chips

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Does your wine have strong oak aromas such as vanilla or toast but when it comes to tasting it, you gather, the absence of wood? Take a look at the bottle's label and see if "oak aromas" or "matured in oak" are mentioned but not "in oak barrels"?


The use of oak chips, is a fairly recent technique used for scenting wines. Started by the new wine-producing countries, such as Australia and the state of California it spread to the rest of the wine-producing world.


The objective of this technique is to emulate the wood's effect and give the wine a few aromatic features, faster than the traditional method of using a barrel. However, this is an artificial wine scenting technique and cannot completely replace the oak barrels.

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Geoffrey Baldry:
22/05/2017, 12:07:20 PM, http://www.zorbathes.com

Where can I get oaks chips in Greece?Thanks,Geof.

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