Nopera wines

The history of NOPERA wines and philosophy behind them starts in the 19th century when the Nopera family leaves Malta and migrates to the island of Samos. After a few years, it creates a sweet wine of high quality, fresh, from the variety of white muscat. At the time this wine succeeds even to export to reputed clients such as the French company Noilly Pratt Marseille, known to this day for the unique vermouth quality that it produces.

Evangelos Mytilineos initially and today his son Nicholas, a Nopera family descendant, along with Yiannis Kostakis, a wine grower and producer with experience of three generations, created a model organic and biodynamic vineyard in order to promote the complexity of the local terroir and to restore its former glory.

NOPERA has three privately owned 40 acres vineyards, in different regions of Samos, where there are vines with average age of 20 years. The diversity of the three terroirs allows to have a greater complexity in morphological, flavoring and aromatic sense. The applied organic and biodynamic techniques allow minimal interference between nature and the vine. Thus the plant is more resistant to diseases, increases naturally sugars and acids, and can give 100% identity to the final products, Nopera wines.

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It is the epitome of composing muscat sweet wines with different barrel ageing . NOPERA oenologists choose between different vintages and different terroir sweet wines, when feasible, so as to produce..

55.90€ 53.70€Ex Tax: 43.31€

Nopera 2014
JR '13
Gold (95)

Nopera 2014

Bright amber color with intense "sweet" and characteristic aromas of the well-known variety Muscat Samos like acacia flowers, rose petals, orange peel but also the notes of honey, raisins, dried figs ..

22.40€ 21.70€Ex Tax: 17.50€

Roya Oak 2017

For the first time, the distinctive floral and fruity aromas of Moschato Samos meet with wood. In 2017 NOPERA innovated and proceeded to vinification of Muscat of Samos in a barrel for the creation of..

31.00€ 29.90€Ex Tax: 24.11€

Nopera Roya 2018
JR '14

Nopera Roya 2018

Light yellow color with golden highlights, typical for the Samos Muscat variety. Charming nose with high intensity aromas of citrus blossoms, rose petals, apricot and orange peel. A pleasant sweetness..

11.90€Ex Tax: 9.60€