Nomada Honey Soda

Nomada Honey Soda
Bottle Size (lt)0.25
Price per litre:8.00€
Serve Temp4 - 6 °C

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NOMADΑ is an innovative carbonated non-alcoholic beverage. It was inspired by the authentic, homemade, hygienic and familiar to everybody "medicine", i.e. water with honey and lemon, which "traveled" from ancient Greece, as a part of the Pythagorean diet, to ancient Egypt and China, as far as to Mikra Asia Greeks, sometimes as a natural tonic found in nomadic tribes, or for its hygienic properties and benefits. NOMADA Honey Soda has only 16 calories, and comes to redefine this unique recipe, offering it to people who adopt a modern but healthy lifestyle.

It is better to enjoy it frozen in a white wine glass so as to highlight its natural aromas as well as its unique natural amber-colored foam.

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