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Lazaridis Nicos - Château

Dark color, with a spicy aromatic bouquet, harmoniously tied with the scents of evolution and the fruit freshness. In the mouth it is characterized by complexity and vigor, ripe tannins giving style and personality...
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Dense and impenetrable ruby color at a very interesting blend of two international varieties. Mature and rich bouquet of spicy aromas, with hints of violets and berries, plum jam, oak wood and tobacco. Full and robust mouth feel, with lofty tannins and a long aftertaste with hints of white pepper...
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Pale yellow color, floral aromas on the nose, with intense and long lasting hints of Muscat. Freshness and aromatic character in the mouth, with good acidity...
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Dense red color, rich aromatic bouquet on a mix of spices, ripe red fruits and barrel. Mouth with volume, greasiness with angles, quite fruity and with clear stability in time...
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Golden yellow color with green, pleasant hues. Ripe aromas with a clear barrel taste. Scents of vanilla, apricot compote, ripe mango and melon, honey and distinctive flowers on the nose. Medium-body mouth feel, not a quite lively acidity which gives the sensation of oiliness. Both taste and aftertas..
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Bright color of intense green and yellow highlights, with fine, intense, fruity aromas. Impressive evolution in the mouth with a distinctive pleasant acidity and clean, fruity aftertaste...
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Deep ruby ​​color and aromas of red berries with hints of oak, dried fruits, sweet spices and ink. Wine with a quite good volume, well-structured, with a strong personality..
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Moderate purple color and slow dense tears in the glass. Complex bouquet on the nose with aromas of red and black fruits like cherry, currant, berries, herbs like eucalyptus and intense earthy feel like wet leaves, forest, mushrooms. Rich mouth feel with velvety soft tannins and the aromas being pre..
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Dark red color, and sharp, fresh aromas of pepper, blackberry, violet, bitter almond, morello, vanilla, carnation, thyme and ham. Light mouth-feel with acidity and protruding tannins...
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