Wines from Nemea

The vineyards of Nemea are stretched in the plain and reach the foot of Killinio Mountain, at an area of 22,000 acres. The vines are planted at an altitude of 200-850 meters and the whole area is under the domination of Agiorgitiko. Deep blue, with spherical grapes and thick skin, the endowed Nemea grapes are popular and multi-talented, while they produce a plethora of different wine types. We will meet Agiorgitiko wine in a wide range of types: fresh, short ageing, deep ageing, but also rosé, blanc de noir. This red variety thrives and excels here where the cool North winds and low temperatures, which usually dominate, favour its smooth maturation. Although Nemea is the largest P.D.O. zone, however displays great heterogeneity. Different altitudes, terrains, microclimates make up a puzzle of complexity which offers a great diversity to wines which are here produced. Since 1971 the red, dry wine Nemea, belongs to the category of P.D.O.
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Piccolo Mondo Red

Clear red color, aromas of fresh red fruits, cinnamon and camellia. Light and easy to drink mouth ..

6.40€ 6.30€Ex Tax: 5.08€

Kratistos 2007 Out Of Stock

Kratistos 2007

Warm red color and aromas of plum, pepper and juniper berries combined with shades of tobacco a..

11.30€ 10.80€Ex Tax: 8.71€

Ritinitis Nobilis Out Of Stock

Ritinitis Nobilis

Bright yellow color filled with green hues. Balanced nose where the resin ties harmoniously, witho..

8.10€Ex Tax: 6.53€

Spyropoulos Nemea

Dense red color with violet hues. Consentradet aromas, where spices, especially pepper, allspice, ..

10.50€ 10.00€Ex Tax: 8.06€

Petimezi Agiorgitiko Wisdom of Nature Out Of Stock

Petimezi Agiorgitiko Wisdom of Nature

The grape molasses (petimezi) is a 100% natural sweetener without any other additives, which is pr..

7.60€Ex Tax: 6.13€

Vinegar with mandarin and spices Out Of Stock

Vinegar with mandarin and spices

Ripe wine grapes of the variety “Roditis” are vinified at low temperature and give an aromatic win..

2.90€Ex Tax: 2.34€

Vinegar with cardamom and 3 peppers

It all starts from the famous Greek grapes of the variety Agiorgitiko, that can be vinified. In ri..

3.00€Ex Tax: 2.42€

Balsamic vinegar Wisdom of Nature

The sweet vinegar agiorgitiko followed the footsteps of the wine PDO Nemea, ages in French oak bar..

5.80€Ex Tax: 4.68€

Vinegar Agiorgitiko Wisdom of Nature

Comes from the well-known grape variety, which gives the famous red wine P.D.O. Nemea. With all th..

2.70€Ex Tax: 2.18€

Sweet vinegar Wisdom of Nature

Two traditional products from Agiorgitiko, vinegar and grape molasses (petimezi) "were joined" and..

4.70€Ex Tax: 3.79€

Vinegar Agiorgitiko with garlic and basil

Three "explosive" ingredients, carmine vinegar from grapes of the agiorgitiko variety, spicy garli..

2.40€Ex Tax: 1.94€

Vinegar Roditis-Thyme Wisdom of Nature

Aromatic thyme combined with white vinegar Roditis. The result? A product that elevates the taste ..

2.70€Ex Tax: 2.18€

Vinegar Roditis Wisdom of Nature

Ripe grapes of the Roditis variety vinified at low temperature give an aromatic wine, from which t..

2.50€Ex Tax: 2.02€

Notios Red -21%

Notios Red

Deep red color with violet hues. Rich and elegant perfumes of pomegranate, gooseberry and candy in..

8.10€ 6.40€Ex Tax: 5.16€

Estate Nemeion Reserve

Bright red color. Aromas of great intensity with cherry being predominant in a wide vanilla backgr..

31.00€ 26.30€Ex Tax: 21.21€


Purple color with brick red hues. Aromas with intense "sweet" berry flavors, blueberry, sp..

8.70€ 8.60€Ex Tax: 6.94€

Piccolo Mondo White

Bright yellow colour with golden highlights. Intense on the nose with aromas of citrus and yellow ..

6.40€ 6.30€Ex Tax: 5.08€


A semi-sparkling aperitif wine, with refreshing fruity aromas of cherries, strawberries and raspbe..

8.30€ 8.00€Ex Tax: 6.45€

Aged Distillate Semeli

With strongly aromatic nose that exudes lavish aromas of candied fruit, caramel and sweet spices, ..

24.10€Ex Tax: 19.44€

Papaioannou Cava

Vibrant red color with black highlights. Soft and fruity aromas, with sweet notes of cinnamon, liq..

11.80€ 11.50€Ex Tax: 9.27€

Papaioannou Syrah 2010

Dark crimson color with a complex aromatic bouquet characterised by mature forest fruits, coffee &..

10.70€ 10.50€Ex Tax: 8.47€

Papaioannou Petit Verdot 2005

Dense ruby color and delicate aromas of ripe fruit as plum & cherries, traces of chocolat..

28.60€ 28.00€Ex Tax: 22.58€

Papaioannou Agiorgitiko 2014

Bright red color with violet hues and fruity nose, with no major tensions, starring spices especia..

6.90€ 6.60€Ex Tax: 5.32€

Terroir 2004

A great Nemea that shows in all its glory the capacity of  the "terroir", reaffirmi..

57.30€ 56.20€Ex Tax: 45.32€

Megas Oinos Magnum 2011 Out Of Stock

Megas Oinos Magnum 2011

Deep red, attractive color, with an impressive aromatic palette where vanilla is starring, followe..

46.30€ 44.90€Ex Tax: 36.21€

Ek dryos

Rich crimson color. Complex, expressive nose with aromas of ripe fruit and hints of spice. Very go..

12.60€Ex Tax: 10.16€

Tselepos Red 2011 Out Of Stock

Tselepos Red 2011

Dense red color and nose with complex aromatic bouquet full of ripe berries, plum, spice, vanil..

11.50€ 11.00€Ex Tax: 8.87€

Terra Leone Merlot

Dense ruby color and compact aromas of cherry, black berry, vanilla, leather and hints of nutmeg. ..

19.80€ 19.10€Ex Tax: 15.40€