Wines from Nemea

The vineyards of Nemea are stretched in the plain and reach the foot of Killinio Mountain, at an area of 22,000 acres. The vines are planted at an altitude of 200-850 meters and the whole area is under the domination of Agiorgitiko. Deep blue, with spherical grapes and thick skin, the endowed Nemea grapes are popular and multi-talented, while they produce a plethora of different wine types. We will meet Agiorgitiko wine in a wide range of types: fresh, short ageing, deep ageing, but also rosé, blanc de noir. This red variety thrives and excels here where the cool North winds and low temperatures, which usually dominate, favour its smooth maturation. Although Nemea is the largest P.D.O. zone, however displays great heterogeneity. Different altitudes, terrains, microclimates make up a puzzle of complexity which offers a great diversity to wines which are here produced. Since 1971 the red, dry wine Nemea, belongs to the category of P.D.O.
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Labyrinth 1999-2013 (Solera)

Ruby concetrated color and a bouquet with intensity and duration. Fascinating aromas of small red ..

87.00€ 84.40€Ex Tax: 68.06€

NOHMA 2006-2007 Out Of Stock

NOHMA 2006-2007

A complex wine with a thoroughly studied long term barrel aging. The composition of the three dyna..

59.40€Ex Tax: 47.90€

Terra Leone Ammos Magnum 2005 Out Of Stock

Terra Leone Ammos Magnum 2005

Solid red color, deep aromas of caramel, tobacco, nuts and chocolate and notes of coffee, bread cr..

50.80€ 48.80€Ex Tax: 39.35€

Messogios Red 2013

Bright red color and a rich nose full of youthful freshness, with red fruits  and aromas of d..

6.40€ 6.30€Ex Tax: 5.08€

Raptis Nemea 2005

Solid red with ripe bouquet enriched with deep aromas of tobacco, dried fruit and chocolate with h..

15.10€ 14.60€Ex Tax: 11.77€

Kokkinovrahos (Red rock) 2008

Deep red color with terracotta hues. Aromas of violet, licorice, leather with discreet barrel, but..

12.30€ 11.70€Ex Tax: 9.44€


Rosy charming color and nose full of red fruits sweet shades such as cherry, strawberry, pomegrana..

10.50€ 10.00€Ex Tax: 8.06€

Akres White 2015

A simple and honest food wine, with a pale yellow colour, delicate aromas of white flowers and fre..

5.80€ 5.30€Ex Tax: 4.27€

Ihnos 2012

Shiny deep bordeaux-red color with a bouquet composed of characters of mature plum, cherries ..

30.10€Ex Tax: 24.27€

Ploutos 2012

Dark plum color with an initiallly closed "nose". With stirring and retention in the gla..

24.00€Ex Tax: 19.35€

Viognier Palivos 2014

Fermented in oak barrels for twenty days, this wine acquires concentration and mature character..

13.60€ 13.00€Ex Tax: 10.48€

Viognier Cuvee Larsinos 2014

Vivid yellow, persistent barrel aromas and palette of ripe apple, minerals, evening primrose and w..

12.90€ 12.50€Ex Tax: 10.08€

Igemon 2006

Deep ruby color with violet hues. Aromatic bouquet of red fruit, notes of dried plums, pepper and ..

49.80€ 44.70€Ex Tax: 36.05€

Estate Papaioannou 2010

Purple in color and aromas of ripe red fruits on the nose, with hints of vanilla, tobacco and anim..

9.60€ 9.20€Ex Tax: 7.42€

Terra Leone Ammos 2013

Solid red color, deep aromas of caramel, tobacco, nuts and chocolate and notes of coffee, bread cr..

16.10€ 14.80€Ex Tax: 11.94€

Terra Leone Ammos Magnum 2013

Solid red color, deep aromas of caramel, tobacco, nuts and chocolate and notes of coffee, bread cr..

50.80€ 48.80€Ex Tax: 39.35€

Salto Wild Yeast 2014 Out Of Stock

Salto Wild Yeast 2014

A generous wine with nerve and volume, but also a plethora of aromas typical of the variety, with ..

10.50€ 10.20€Ex Tax: 8.23€

Zacharias Red 2008

Dense black color and a lively sensation of wood on a rich and warm nose with emphasis on aromatic..

8.90€ 8.70€Ex Tax: 7.02€

White Squared 2014

Deep golden color, particular nose expressed through aromas of citrus and green fruits such as lem..

8.70€ 8.50€Ex Tax: 6.85€

Monopati 2013 Magnum

Intense red with mauve hues, showing floral character, with notes of red fruits, mint, vanilla and..

58.60€ 55.60€Ex Tax: 44.84€

Château Semeli 2008

Deep purple color, with intense and slow tears. Intense nose, typical of the varietal character of..

22.50€ 21.80€Ex Tax: 17.58€

Quarteto Red 2014

Bright red color with violet hues and great intensity aromas of red fruits such as cherry and plum..

6.60€ 6.40€Ex Tax: 5.16€

Raptis Nemea 2010-2012

Intense ruby color. The nose is strongly dominated by red fruit jam aromas and sweet spices. ..

10.00€Ex Tax: 8.06€

Zacharias Kydonitsa 2015 Out Of Stock

Zacharias Kydonitsa 2015

A lovely wine in green-lemony color from the rare variety Kydonitsa. Intense aromatic characterist..

7.00€Ex Tax: 5.65€

Red in Black 2015

A fresh, dark red wine that without the barrel influence, is characterized by delicate notes ..

7.60€ 7.40€Ex Tax: 5.97€

Dum Vinum Sperum 2015

Warm yellow color, rich bouquet with lively feel of nuts, minerality, but also vibrant fruit, such..

26.20€ 25.50€Ex Tax: 20.56€

Armyra 2015

Golden yellow colour with aromas of ripe tropical fruit and mango, mingled skilfully with vanilla ..

11.60€ 11.30€Ex Tax: 9.11€

Untitled Chardonnay 2014 Out Of Stock

Untitled Chardonnay 2014

Βright, clear golden colour. Expressive, rich and intense on the nose, with sweet but not overripe..

13.90€Ex Tax: 11.21€