Naoussa Wines

Naoussa vineyards, of a total area of approximately 8,000 acres, are particularly privileged, since they are located on the south-eastern slopes of mount Vermio and thus, protected from cold northern winds and benefit, at the same time, from the strong midday sun. The result is that the wine which is exclusively produced from Xinomavro variety and distributed in market as Protected Designation of Origin Naoussa, perhaps represents the finest red wine of our country. Since being well adapted to continental climates, this variety is cultivated in more areas than any other variety in Greece. Its dominance extends from the slopes of the mountains of Central Macedonia to Pindos. In the North, reaches the borders of Yugoslavia and in the South, enters Thessaly. Though cultivated in Naoussa, Xinomavro reaches easily perfect maturation, while also presenting considerable potential in fermentation and aging aromas, as also great balance between sugar content-acidity-tannins. Today, however, it is strongly discussed, the necessity to create wine sub-areas of distinct quality, within the zone of Naoussa.
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Naoussea 2007

2007 was an excellent vintage for Naoussea, with the absence of rain giving the wine a "wild" c..

26.50€Ex Tax: 21.37€


This wine got its name from Olgano, a deified in ancient times River, springing today in the fo..

12.20€ 11.80€Ex Tax: 9.52€

Chateau Pegasus 1999

Due to the complexity and depth given by time, it requires decanting for half an hour before you e..

18.20€ 17.90€Ex Tax: 14.44€

Chrisohoou Syrah 2009 Out Of Stock

Chrisohoou Syrah 2009

Dense, almost black colour with cherry highlights. Warm aromas of spices, alcohol, ripe red fruits..

10.50€ 10.00€Ex Tax: 8.06€

Chrisohoou Black

Dark ruby color and complex nose with ripe black fruit, chocolate, coffee and hints of spices. Rou..

9.90€ 9.70€Ex Tax: 7.82€

Pegasus Blanc de Noir 2013

Yellowish with pink hues, mild herbal nose with hints of lemon. Mouthfeel with minerality, serious..

10.00€Ex Tax: 8.06€


Lovely strawberry color and muscat nose with crystal clear aromas of incense, rose delight, candy ..

7.10€ 7.00€Ex Tax: 5.65€

Argatia Red 2012 Out Of Stock

Argatia Red 2012

Vivid ruby color and nose dominated by small red fruits, flanked by distinctive flavors, tomato, v..

9.70€Ex Tax: 7.82€

Chrisohoou Red 2010 Out Of Stock

Chrisohoou Red 2010

Red caramel color, complex aromatic bouquet where ripe plums, black berries, tomato paste and ham ..

12.50€ 11.90€Ex Tax: 9.60€

Bios Hellenic 2008

Purple color with aromas of dried black fruit, hazelnuts and wood notes. Velvety and rich mouth se..

25.00€ 23.90€Ex Tax: 19.27€

Agechoros 2014

Medium intensity burgundy colour, in a wine that combines harmoniously the two varieties. Buttery ..

9.60€Ex Tax: 7.74€

Cava Chrisohoou 2008

Clear ruby ​​color with some red brick accents. Nose with dried herbs, chocolate, tobacco, strawbe..

24.80€ 23.90€Ex Tax: 19.27€

Boutaris Grande Reserve 2012

Rather dark red color with highlights of onion peel and varietal typical aromas: tomato, red fores..

16.00€ 15.50€Ex Tax: 12.50€

Oenos Nature Naoussa 2015

Coming from vineyards at Trilofo and Fytia, which are in the opposite side climate-wise, the first..

13.20€Ex Tax: 10.65€

Boutaris Xinomavro Reserve 2013 Out Of Stock

Boutaris Xinomavro Reserve 2013

Fairly dense crimson color with copper reflections. Typical aromas on the nose, characterized by r..

9.10€ 8.90€Ex Tax: 7.18€

Chrisohoou Red 2012 Out Of Stock

Chrisohoou Red 2012

Red caramel color, complex aromatic bouquet where ripe plums, black berries, tomato paste and ham ..

12.50€ 11.90€Ex Tax: 9.60€

Argatia Naoussa 2013

Deep color wine with intense fruity aromas (cherries, small red fruits) that interlock with those ..

15.80€Ex Tax: 12.74€

Diamantakos Naoussa 2015

Light crimson color, clear with brown highlights. Rustic nose, with a lively sense of tomato and v..

15.30€ 14.90€Ex Tax: 12.02€

Melitzani Naoussa 2016

Bright red color with brown hues. Tobacco and leather aromas mingle evenly with the characteristic..

16.50€Ex Tax: 13.31€

Chrisohoou Naousa 2016

Ruby color with red brick hues, typical “Xinomavro” nose, elegant with olive puree, sundried tomat..

9.70€ 9.50€Ex Tax: 7.66€

Chrisohoou Prekniariko 2016

It has the rustic character and air of a 6-month aging in oak barrels. The aromas of tobacco and r..

14.50€ 13.70€Ex Tax: 11.05€

Earth and Sky 2016

It has a dark red color, with orange highlights. The classic aromas of the variety are distinguish..

17.30€ 16.90€Ex Tax: 13.63€

Naoussa Alta 2015

It is truly admirable how Thymiopoulos manages to give his Naoussa such precise balance, delicacy ..

13.60€ 13.30€Ex Tax: 10.73€

Damascenos 2015 Out Of Stock

Damascenos 2015

Deep red color with aromas of dried fruit, tomato, olive and plum. Robust wine with accented tanni..

10.70€ 10.30€Ex Tax: 8.31€

Kokkinos Xinomavro 2014 Out Of Stock

Kokkinos Xinomavro 2014

Medium density crimson color without the strict formality of a P.D.O. Naoussa. Aromas of pepper, l..

13.80€ 13.00€Ex Tax: 10.48€

Markovitis Naoussa 2015

Medium density red color with a wreath of terracotta hues. Aromas of ripe red berries and hints of..

11.40€ 10.90€Ex Tax: 8.79€

Rose de Xinomavro 2016

Light bright pink (salmon) color. Complex nose, with typical aromas of small red fruits, cornel, w..

10.50€ 10.20€Ex Tax: 8.23€

Estate Foundis Red 2012

Brick red semi trasparent color and nose with a deep sense of maturity, full of tomato jam, plum &..

14.50€ 13.90€Ex Tax: 11.21€