Wines from Monemvasia

Viticultural area with great historical interest and glorious past is Monemvasia. The Monembasios wine was notorious as Malvasia for 5 centuries in international markets of East and West. The production began before the 13th century Byzantine Monemvasia and continued in Crete occupied by Venice until the mid-17th century. The trade of this wine, with the historical designation of origin, acquired such dimensions that its reputation was not altered through the centuries and was spread not only by word of mouth, but was also maintained by commercial acts of the period. Today the production area of the wine PDO Monemvasia-Malvasia extends to the land circumference of the former municipalities of Monemvasia, Asopos, Voion and Molai of Laconia. For the white wine, at least 51% grapes of the variety of Monemvasia are used and a variable percentage of varieties of Asirtiko, Kidonitsa, Roditis, Fileri, Athiri, Aidani, Petroulianos and Asproudes. Regarding the red PDO Monemvasia, is based on varieties, Thrapsa, Mavroudi, Agiorgitiko and Mandilaria, proving both, white and red wine, through their interesting varietal composition, that the varietal wealth of this place with the mediterranean climate, is remarkable.
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Monemvasios 2006 Out Of Stock

Monemvasios 2006

Dark terracotta color in a wine with intense aromas of red fruits, jams and spices and a balanced,..

11.90€ Ex Tax: 9.60€

Maleatis Red Out Of Stock

Maleatis Red

Deep red colour and complex nose, with notes of red fruit jams, dried figs, pepper, leather and co..

9.50€ Ex Tax: 7.66€

300 Red 2005 Out Of Stock

300 Red 2005

Deep red color, in a wine with a charming, spicy and salty perfume, where notes of pepper, ham and..

21.10€ Ex Tax: 17.02€

300 White 2014

A generous and robust wine with delicate aromas of pineapple, litchi and citrus. Mouth feel wit..

11.50€ Ex Tax: 9.27€

Fileri 2014

Particularly attractive nose that impresses with lively aromas of cherry, pear, rose petals and qu..

10.00€ Ex Tax: 8.06€

Kidonitsa Malvasia Wines 2015 Out Of Stock

Kidonitsa Malvasia Wines 2015

Yellow-gold color with greeninsh highlights, fine aroma of quince. Highly fruity aroma and discree..

9.90€ Ex Tax: 7.98€

Malvasia 2012 (malmsey)

Recommended by Rick Stein!An modern version of a wine popular since the Middle Ages often refe..

50.20€ Ex Tax: 40.48€