L.E.V.A wines

LEVA S.A. is a developing traditional trade which deals, since 1950, with processing of salted fish and olives and recently with production and bottling of a unique ouzo, in Mytilene. Its activities extend in the local as also the Greek market and a significant part of the production is also being exported. The products that the company gathers in order to process are being selected with care, by experienced people and are coming exclusively from the island. There is a total absence of chemical conservatives and the production is being done manually, according to the tradition. There has been noticed a stable demand for LEVA products from several firms of Greece, which is due to their high quality. The company applies the HACCP system.
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Smyrnio Blue Classic

Soft and cool anise aromas on the nose. A soft and easy-to drink ouzo, with an underlying anise flavor its sweetness is well balanced with freshness. ..

11.00€Ex Tax: 8.87€

Smyrnio Red

Clean and sparky aromas of anise on the nose, accompanied by undertones of citrus and fresh herbs. Round and balanced mouth feel which, despite the 42 degrees of alcohol, is characterised by finesse a..

13.40€Ex Tax: 10.81€