Wines from Corinthos

Viticulture in Korinthos plays a key role in the region's economy, not only due to the fact that the red P.D.O. Nemea wine of our country is produced here, but also because of the fact that the vineyards are dominated by the cultivation of red varieties starring the Agiorgitiko. In the wider area of Korinthos also thrive some other varieties, such as Roditis, Mavroudi and Cabernet sauvignon.
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Barafakas Nemea 2010

Deep purple color with dense black fruit aromas, vanilla, cocoa, and even fruit jam, spices, dri..

10.20€ 9.90€Ex Tax: 7.98€

Papargyriou Unfiltered 2015
RP '13

Papargyriou Unfiltered 2015

A white, crisp, unfiltered wine made ​​from grapes from a vineyard in the mountainous at Sofiana o..

13.20€ 12.50€Ex Tax: 10.08€

Papargyriou Rose 2016
RP '14

Papargyriou Rose 2016

A charming blend with attractive strawberry color, aromas of toffee, cherry jam, blackcurrant and ..

9.90€ 6.90€Ex Tax: 5.56€

Strange Bird Mavrostifo -5%

Strange Bird Mavrostifo

Deep red color. Dried fruit, herbs, raisins, violet stem and forest fruits aromas. Rich mouth sens..

10.50€ 10.00€Ex Tax: 8.06€

Dreamcatcher Malagousia 2017 -22% Out Of Stock

Dreamcatcher Malagousia 2017

Bright and vibrant golden-yellow color. As it unfolds its character, plant aromas, such as grass, ..

6.50€ 5.05€Ex Tax: 4.08€

Oreinos Ilios Rose 2017
RP '17
D '16
Bronze (87)

Oreinos Ilios Rose 2017

Rosy color with, lightly, red brick hues, nose complex but subtle, with notes of sour and cherry, ..

8.40€ 7.40€Ex Tax: 5.97€

Le Roi Des Montagnes Assyrtiko 2016

From a single vineyard at an altitude of 800 meters in Sofiana, Corinth, Yiannis Papargyriou produ..

23.60€ 22.90€Ex Tax: 18.47€

Ca C'est Correct Chardonnay 2017

Impressive cool climate Chardonnay from Yiannis Papargyriou grown at 700 m of altitude in the Pelo..

16.20€ 15.70€Ex Tax: 12.66€

Papargyriou The Black Daphne 2017

A variety that we got used to see it in sweet wines, here in a very successful and limited product..

19.90€ 18.90€Ex Tax: 15.24€

Papargyriou Young Winemakers 2017

Maturation in a French oak barrel for 12 months gives the wine a rich spicy character, while the l..

15.70€ 14.90€Ex Tax: 12.02€

Papargyriou Blanc Moschoudi-Assyrtiko 2018 Wild Ferment
RP '17

Papargyriou Blanc Moschoudi-Assyrtiko 2018 Wild Ferment

Bright yellow color, in a blend where Moschoudi signs with its typical aromas of rose, lukumi, qui..

11.30€ 10.90€Ex Tax: 8.79€

Apocalypsis 2013

Barafakas family has chosen their best vineyards in Nemea to create Apocalypsis wine. It has deep ..

13.50€ 13.20€Ex Tax: 10.65€

Dreamcatcher Sauvignon Blanc-Assyrtiko 2018

Pure lemongrass color and explosive aromas of tropical fruits such as mango, citrus fruits, like g..

5.90€ 5.70€Ex Tax: 4.60€

Don Giovanni 2016

Clear and bright red color, and string aromas of oak, smoke, fresh aromatic herbs and spices, fram..

18.20€ 17.30€Ex Tax: 13.95€

Le Roi Des Montagnes Assyrtiko 2017
RP '16

Le Roi Des Montagnes Assyrtiko 2017

From a single vineyard at an altitude of 800 meters in Sofiana, Corinth, Yiannis Papargyriou produ..

23.60€ 22.90€Ex Tax: 18.47€

Papargyriou Late Harvest 2018

A delicious and well made wine from overripe grapes. Extremely delicate and elegant aromas, with h..

13.30€ 12.90€Ex Tax: 10.40€

Le Roi Des Montagnes 2017
RP '12
JR '12
Out Of Stock

Le Roi Des Montagnes 2017

A wine with an impressive wrap, but also special content. Really high percentage of alcohol, as th..

24.70€ 23.50€Ex Tax: 18.95€

Dreamcatcher Assyrtiko 2018 Out Of Stock

Dreamcatcher Assyrtiko 2018

Pale yellow color and aromas of herbs, lime and pineapple. Rich mouthfeel with acidity and a fruit..

5.60€ 5.50€Ex Tax: 4.44€

Dreamcatcher Chardonnay 2018

Simple, but delicious Chardonnay.  A fresh wine with a pale yellow color and mild fruit flavo..

5.70€ 5.40€Ex Tax: 4.35€

Dreamcatcher Rosé 2018

Rose strawberry color, and nose with intense aromas of strawberry, tomato, flowers and orange zest..

5.00€ 4.90€Ex Tax: 3.95€

Dreamcatcher Merlot 2016

Everyday, easy-to-drink wine with a deep purple color, aromas of blackberries, on a background of ..

5.90€ 5.70€Ex Tax: 4.60€

Papagiannakopoulos Ypsilon Moschofilero 2018

Panos Papagiannakopoulos is a young, talented winemaker who aims to highlight the local varieties ..

8.70€ 8.40€Ex Tax: 6.77€

Papagiannakopoulos Kidonitsa 2018

Panos Papayannakopoulos is a young, talented winemaker who aims to highlight the local varieties o..

9.90€ 9.60€Ex Tax: 7.74€

Papagiannakopoulos Ypsilon Agiorgitiko 2018

The multidimensional Agiorgitiko of Nemea is vinified in a unique way, in order to give a differen..

9.30€ 9.00€Ex Tax: 7.26€

Semeli Oreinos Ilios White 2018
RP '17
D '16
Commended (85)

Semeli Oreinos Ilios White 2018

Pale and bright yellow-green colour, with grey highlights. Intense and ripe on the nose, with eleg..

8.60€ 7.80€Ex Tax: 6.29€

Château Kaniaris White 2017 -30%

Château Kaniaris White 2017

Straw yellow color, aromas of citrus, green apple and butter, honey and nuts that reveal the barre..

10.70€ 7.50€Ex Tax: 6.05€

Papargyriou Le Roi Des Montagnes Cuvée 2017

Another robust wine from the winery of Corinth, produced from overripe grapes and after being aged..

22.40€ 21.50€Ex Tax: 17.34€

Château Kaniaris Red 2016

Deep ruby color with intense aromas of blackberry, blackcurrant, blueberry and notes of medicinal ..

9.90€Ex Tax: 7.98€