Kitrvs - Winery

Kitrvs is a winery from northern Pieria that its wines pretty fast created a sensation in the market. Its people draw strength from their faith in the potential of the land and especially of Pydna. The private vineyard is planted in a slope wtih northeastern exposure following the contemporary linear system and includes the white varieties Malagouzia and Verdicchio, and the red ones, Syrah and Aglianico. The vineyard management aims to achieve optimal ripeness of the grapes , following the rules of good agricultural practice and monitoring critical factors of cultivation. Generally it is a system with low yields that respects and maintains the local natural balance.

The overall quality that characterizes the winery at all production stages and consumers will understand and enjoy it when drinking their wines.
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Kitrvs Syrah 2015
D '14
Silver (90)

Kitrvs Syrah 2015

It's a keeper. This wine with robust tannins, is an excellent option to invest for the future. While some will enjoy it now, it may be ideal to give a lead time of about 3 to 4 years. At the moment th..

12.90€ Ex Tax: 10.40€

Kitrvs Lost Hellanico 2015

Wine with peppery strength and maturity coming from its 12-month aging in barrels. It has a complex bouquet of red fruit jam, dried figs and prunes, spices and lavender flowers, which appear sequentia..

13.50€ Ex Tax: 10.89€
Kitrvs Malagousia 2019
D '16
Bronze (89)

Kitrvs Malagousia 2019

Tempting aromas, quite intensive, where notes of lychee, pineapple, fresh basil and freshly cut pear, with traces of jasmine and lemon zest are distinguished. Elaborative, sweet & sour and juicy m..

10.90€ Ex Tax: 8.79€

Kitrvs Idealista 2019

Following the success of its experimental Aglianico, the upcoming Kitrvs winery in Pieria, Macedonia continues in similar unconventional and revolutionary paths with a white variety this time. The exu..

12.60€ Ex Tax: 10.16€