The climate of Kastoria, with its rich and remarkable terroir and the altitudes reaching and excceding the 700 meter height, is shaped both by the homonymous lake and the river Aliakmon which flows through, as also the surrounding mountains of Grammos and Vitsi. However, the heavy continental climate of the region obstructs the viticulture and for this reason the wineries, at this area, are scarce. Though, some microclimates, such as in the vicinity of Kastoria lake, seem to have the specifications for the production of quality wines. Hence, the ground, here, has proven to be fertile for some international varieties, such as Sauvignon blanc, Syrah, Cabernet, Merlot, yielding wines of noteworthy, organoleptic characteristics.

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Stergiou Metamorphoses 2017

The Stergiou Estate cultivates 60 acres of privately-owned vineyards at the foot of mount Vitsi, using the latest technology in winemaking. Respecting the culture, tradition and place, they produce wi..

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Stergiou Red 2016

Medium scarlet color with a strong presence of the barrel on the nose, with notes of vanilla and nutmeg. Full body with moderate acidity that completes harmoniously with a long lasting aftertaste...

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