Ieropoulos Family Winery

In the early 1970s Chronis Ieropoulos began his work with the vine and the vinification. He used to go with his grandfather to their vineyards at the "Mylos" site in Koromilia, Kastoria. At 700 meters above sea level, his grandfather explained how he took care of the vine, without machinery, with methods that will not "disturb" the vine, not even the soil. Because of his different professional duties, Chronis Ieropoulos traveled around the world. Along with his basic work, he sought the best wines, sought to meet wine-makers and discuss with them so that he knew better the whole process. In 2008 he decided to make his dream come true. By combining his grandfather's principles with advanced methods of cultivation and winemaking, he decides to set up a winery and vineyard model. Its purpose is to produce small quantities of wine, of exceptional quality, to be recognized internationally. His wife and daughters embraced the dream, making the whole effort a family affair.

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