This is Sage (20gr) Culinary Herb

This is Sage (20gr) Culinary Herb
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Organic culinary herbs of premium quality, hand gathered and dried naturally so that they preserve their freshness. Processed and selected by LHS so that only the best reaches you. Use these herbs so as to have a memorable cooking experience.

The plant of immortality (Salvia Officinalis). Sacred for the Romans, it was considered the herb of life and its gathering required a special ritual. Transform your kitchen into a shrine by flooding it with its aroma while cooking. For a different plate of spaghetti, lightly sauté its leaves in melted butter and add pasta.

Among thousands of plants there are some that really excel every year. LHS carefully selects these premium batches of herbs and hand pick them for their Limited Production Series. The herbs dry under optimal natural conditions to preserve their goodness and then go through various processes in order to obtain only the highest quality portions. This very strict selection process makes this series of products limited in quantities but full of the finest tastes and aromas. They come in small cylinder containers from recycled paper with a metallic lid suited with an inner silicon ring so that the herbs stay as fresh as the day they left Laconia.
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