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Clear, golden yellow color of medium intensity. In the aromatic and taste characteristics we meet tropical and citrus fruits, flowers, along with the botanical and mineral character to follow. In the mouth, the rich volume balances perfectly with the well-integrated acidity, where they lead us to a ..
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Hatzidakis Santorini Cuvée No. 15 2020 Hatzidakis Santorini Cuvée No. 15 2020
RP '14
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Bright green-yellowish color with a nose of citrus, hints of tea leaves, herbs, minerality, shades of lime blossom, pineapple and banana. Full mouthsense, complex, with juicy and robust acidity. Elongated aftertaste, with earthy and mineral notes...
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Skitali by Hatzidakis family is a deeply symbolic wine for the winery. During the 2016 harvest, part of the must was taken to different stainless steel tanks by Haridimos Hatzidakis and its original destination was to be bottled as PDO Santorini. When the bottling started, one tank was not bottled, ..
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Stella Hatzidakis takes over her father's huge legacy and presents her first label. With the first priority being the harvest of top quality grapes, Santorini Familia is an outstanding quality wine that represents brilliantly the unique terroir that is grown in.Aromas of green apple, lemon and lime,..
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Hatzidakis Mavrotragano 2017
RP '13
JR '15
D '13
A limited bottling wine with a deep red color, with aromas of fresh black fruit, minerality and earthy feeling. Good density body and spicy tannins, which will evolve with time, they will be rounded off and soften. Strong sense of barrel in the aftertaste and lightly bitter...
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Hatzidakis Nykteri 2018 Hatzidakis Nykteri 2018
RP '07
JR '14
D '13
Yellow golden color. We meet the characteristic fruity aroma of Assyrtiko, where tea and dried fruit aromas stand out in a background of green apple . Exuberant mouth sense of high alcohol that gives sweetness, full and intense flavour and long lasting aftertaste..
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Hatzidakis Vinsanto 2004 (Santorini)
RP '00
JR '03
D '03
1 - 2 Days
Dark, caramel color reminiscent of molasses that "shows its age". Nose of medium intensity, with complex aromas of butter, cognac, nuts, vanilla and dried plum. Mouth very interesting, complex, rich, with an excellent balance of sweetness and acidity, with pleasant chocolate flavor and long aftertas..
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