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Hatzidakis Winery Santorini

Haridimos Hatzidakis was one of the Greek wine pioneers having the vision of the terroir authentic expression and the production of wines that would provoke exceptional feelings to those who were fortunate to try them. It was one of his achievements that he had enjoyed while he was alive.

Trying different things than several local producers and with a touch of natural wine-making, he produced wines that in a short period of time became particularly popular in the market. Among them Santorini de Mylos, Cuvee 15 and Assyrtiko de Louros were recorded as exceptional Santorini wines. His daughters will continue his work and we expect new thrills from the new generation.

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Hatzidakis Santorini Familia 2018

Stella Hatzidakis takes over her father's huge legacy and presents her first label. With the first priority being the harvest of top quality grapes, Santorini Familia 2018 is an outstanding quality wi..

27.90€ 26.90€Ex Tax: 21.69€

Hatzidakis Nykteri 2018
RP '07
JR '14
D '13

Hatzidakis Nykteri 2018

Yellow golden color. We meet the characteristic fruity aroma of Assyrtiko, where tea and dried fruit aromas stand out in a background of green apple . Exuberant mouth sense of high alcohol that gives ..

37.20€ 35.90€Ex Tax: 28.95€