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Greece and Grapes

One of the major wine regions of Central Macedonia with PDO (Protected Denomination of Origin) wines is Naoussa at Imathia county. In this area, the famous Xinomavro is cultivated, giving red dry, semi-dry and semi-sweet wines with great aging potential. It is considered that Naoussa is the area in ..
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Greek Spirits - Gift Box
2 - 3 Days
Handmade wooden basket in brown colour and handles made of white rope, with abbility to add different kinds of products. Can be used for storage or as a decorative detail. The composition of the photograph consists of:- 1 bottle Prickly Pear Spirit Sigalas- 1 bottle Aged grape marc d..
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In beige color, with dark brown detail, that can be used for various types of products. It may be used for storage or decorative purposes...
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In beige color, with dark brown detail, big enough for various types of products. It may be used for storage...
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In brown color, leather, with ability to add different kinds of products. Can be used for storage. The composition of the photograph consists of:- 1 bottle Ovilos Red- 1 bottle Santo White Sparkling Brut If you wish to include other products, select from the "Gift" menu, the ..
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In the oldest years, sparkling were associated with the celebration of a pleasant event and many times this pleasure was exhausted at the bottle opening process. Sparkling wines gradually gained many fans not only as aperitif wines, but also as wines that can perfectly accompany a special dinner. Th..
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Decanter Orion
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A very special decanter with impressive design that will be admired by everyone at your table. Its height is 33cm...
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Decanter Dolceto
1 - 2 Days
It is a decanter of the "duck" type. Its beautiful handle embraces the "neck" and makes the overall design impressive. It can be used lying for wines while standing can be also used for water or juice...
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Decanter Reserva 700ml
1 - 2 Days
The decanter Reserva is a beautiful decanter which can be used for both red and white wines for. Due to its design with the hole in the center, the visual effect is impressive when wine is poured inside...
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Decanter Firenze 1300ml
1 - 2 Days
A beautiful decanter that will give the necessary breathing space to your red wines. It has a bevel rim and it is curved at the bottom, so as to facilitate serving...
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Wine glass Bourgogne type Authentis
1 - 2 Days
This is the top category Authentis by Spiegelau and its type states that they are suitable for Burgundy wines. Experience has shown that the wines with Xinomavro are highlighted in these glasses...
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Bordeaux wine glass Authentis Spiegelau
1 - 2 Days
This is the top tasting category Authentis by Spiegelau. It is probably the best glass to highlight a red wine complex aromas. It is ideal for Bordeaux varieties, while from the Greek varieties, a Nemea (Agiorgitiko) will find in this glass the its best ally...
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