Greece and Grapes

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Brown leather basket

Brown leather basket that will become an impressive gift and can be afterwards used as newspaper holder ..

29.80€Ex Tax: 24.03€

Large wooden crate

Brown large wooden crate for an original gift! ..

13.90€Ex Tax: 11.21€

Small wooden crate

Brown small wooden crate for an original gift! ..

9.30€Ex Tax: 7.50€

Wooden box with Tselepos Santorini old vintages

Santorini Canava Chrissou - Tselepos 2014 and 2015Notes from Yiannis Karakasis MWSantorini 2014Released in approximately 18,000 bottles, the 2015 Santorini comes from the same terroirs and..

83.50€Ex Tax: 67.34€

Active wine cooler Silver

Active cooler for wine bottle in a light grey/silver colour. You keep the cooler permanently in the freezer and when you need it,you just slip it like a "glove" around the the bottle.If the bottle is ..

9.90€Ex Tax: 7.98€

Cavino Magnum cardboard gift box Out Of Stock

Cavino Magnum cardboard gift box

Cardboard magnum gift box, including one bottle from Cavino EstateThe box includes one bottle of Nemea Grande Reserve 1.5lt ..

21.80€ 20.90€Ex Tax: 16.85€

Mega Spileo Cardboard gift box with 2 bottles

Cardboard Gift Box, including two bottles from Domaine Mega Spileo.The box includes one bottle Lagorthi-Assyrtiko and one Syrah, 0.75lt ..

21.10€ 20.50€Ex Tax: 16.53€

Mega Spileo Wooden gift box Out Of Stock

Mega Spileo Wooden gift box

Wooden Gift Box, containing a bottle of Mavrodaphne by Domaine Mega SpileoThe box includes one bottle Mavrodaphne of Patras Reserve, 0.5lt ..

21.50€ 20.80€Ex Tax: 16.77€