Gonidakis wines

The "Estate Gonidakis" opens its doors and is pleased to present you the estate itself, but also its first wine!

The "Estate Gonidakis" is located at the southeastern part of Kythnos in the Loutra region at Dryopida, 12km from the port of Kythnos. It is a farm with tradition in viticulture and wine production. Today 45 acres are cultivated in a single, linear vine (which can be visited) with four wine Cycladic grape varieties: two white, the "Assyrtiko" and "Potamisio" and two red, the "Mavrotragano" and "Psarosyriko" or "Psarotheriko". The variety 'Psarosyriko "is the only one recorded as Kythnos local variety. The aim of the farm is to revive the variety 'Psarosyriko" while establishing the local quality wine of Kythnos.

The vineyard is planted on uneven stone terraces or stairs, as they called at the island, and offers the following activities:

  • Information on viticulture and wine production.
  • Guided tour around the estate and the four wine grape varieties
  • Tour of the estate's old wine press proving the historical tradition on viticulture and wine production.
  • Tasting the first wine of the estate called "DRYOPAS"

"DRYOPAS" name came from the first hellenic tribe who lived in Greece the 13th-14th century BC, and was named Dryopes according to Herodotus. The breed was originally resided on Mount Parnassus, moved then to Epirus and Euboea and then settled permanently in Kythnos where till today the ancient city Dryopida exists. The etymology of the name comes from the oak tree and means "people of the oak". Their founder was Dryops, son of Priam. The name of the wine "DRYOPAS" is directly connected to the vineyard because the light shades of Estate Gonidakis wine, which are yellowish with light green highlights refering to the shades of wood oak.


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Dryopas 2017

An excellent Assyrtiko from the island of Kythnos showing that the efforts of Gonidaki estate will definitely lead to a distinctive wine from another Cyclades island. It has yellow color with light gr..

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