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Glenfiddich Distillery

Glenfiddich 21 Yo Whiskey
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A fascinating, traditional whiskey from Speyside, rich and full of the delicious character of the Glenfiddich family. It matures patiently for 21 years in the distillery and the process is completed in barrels of Cuban rum. In this way, the distillate awakens and is enriched with exotic shades of gi..
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Glenfiddich Solera 15Yo Whiskey
1 - 2 Days
A typical example of the family's innovative spirit, the Glenfiddich 15Yo is created with a technique first introduced by Glenfiddich's Malt Master: warm, spicy aromas are transformed into something completely new thanks to the contribution of the unique Solera Vat barrel. It matures for at least 15..
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Glenfiddich Ancient 18Yo Whiskey
1 - 2 Days
A truly exceptional single malt, which is not just the result of 18 years of undivided care and attention, but springs from the art and knowledge of generations of whiskey brewing. It matures for 18 years in the best sherry oloroso barrels but also oak barrels, very carefully selected by Glenfiddich..
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