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Hair Conditioner White Muscat

Lenga hair conditioner cream comes with the intoxicating aroma of fresh grapes, rich in grape seed oil, phospholipids, soy phytosterols and vitamin F which smooths hair, minimizing the fragile edges w..

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Shine serum with grape plant stem cells that protect skin stem cells against aging and enhance its resistance to sunlight. At the same time, the special hexapeptide reduces the depth and surface of wr..

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Hand Cream Aegean Grape Out Of Stock

Hand Cream Aegean Grape

Hand cream with grape extract, leaf extract, grape seed oil, aloe vera and allantoin. ..

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Shower Gel Aegean Grape

Shower Gel with grape extract, leaf extract and D-panthenol. Aegean Grape Shower Gel cleanses the skin deeply, leaving a unique aroma of lemon blossom, white peach, exotic melon and white cream. The p..

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Body lotion Aegean Grape Out Of Stock

Body lotion Aegean Grape

Grape extract, leaf extract, grape seed oil and allantoin. Aegean Grape Body Lotion will give you deep long lasting hydration, leaving your skin smooth and delicately scented with a unique aroma of le..

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Nouveau Moisturising cream

24-hour face cream with rich moisturisers assisting the skin to regain its elasticity. It contains oil and grape extract, which prevent transdermal moisture loss. In combination with the high-tech ..

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Anti-wrinkle cream for mature skin. Vintage offers rich antioxidant protection while tightens the skin by reducing the existing wrinkles and preventing the creation of new ones. Prevents the formation..

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Syrah Scrub

Powerful exfoliating & slimming action with Syrah grapes. The pips of Syrah Scrub with their thick grain texture leave the skin smooth, silky and fully hydrated. Helps fight localized fat and r..

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Shampoo Fresh Grape Out Of Stock

Shampoo Fresh Grape

Silky effect and strengthening with Muscat grapes. The hair shampoo Lenga Wine Grape Spa “Fresh” is designed for balanced treatment of all hair types and frequent use. Its silky formula contains na..

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Body lotion Syrah

Moisturizing and firming with Syrah grapes. The body lotion Lenga Wine Spa “Syrah”, is designed for moisturizing and firming the dry skin. Its velvety formula contains natural extract of red wine and ..

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Body lotion Malagouzia

Nourishing and moisturizing with grapes of Malagouzia variety. The body lotion Lenga Wine Spa “Malagousia”, is designed for deep hydration and nourishment of the dry, tired and dull skin. Its velve..

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Barrel Bath

Ηydration and firming with Syrah grapes. Shower-gel Lenga Wine Spa “Barrel Bath”, is designed for hydration and nutrition, while at the same time cleans thoroughly the skin. Its velvety formula con..

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Vineyard Bath

Moisturizing and revitalizing shower-gel with grapes from the Malagousia variety. The Lenga Wine Spa “Vineyard” shower gel, is designed for hydration and rejuvenation, while thoroughly cleanses the..

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