Gentilini wines

Gentilini is the name of Spyros Kosmetatos god father, descendent of an old family of the island of Kefalonia. Country of origin of Gentilini family is Este, a town close to Pantova. Marino Gentilini, an Italian army engineer, was commissioned by the Venetian Senate in 1593, in order to build the fortifications of Assos in Kefalonia. He eventually married and settled here, and his name was inscribed in the Libro d Oro of noble families. In 1929, Gerassimos Cambitzis opened one of the first wineries in England, Isleworth Wineries.Thirty-five years later his grandson, Spyros Kosmetatos, planted his first vineyard with local and classic white grape varieties in Kefalonia. Having studied the latest techniques to identify the processes best suited to the climate, soil and varieties of the area, the first commercial vintage of Gentilini was released in 1984, in Athens and London. The winery and vineyards have now passed to the next generation. Nicholas daughter, Marianna with her husband Petros Markantonatos took over the estate, in 2002.
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Notes Red 2015

Gentilini winery combines Agiorgitiko with Mavrodaphne and creates a wine with remarkable value for money. Fresh with intense aromas of red berries, pepper, mocha and vanilla. Medium-bodied with velve..

13.50€ 12.90€Ex Tax: 10.40€

Gentilini Robola Wild Paths 2017
RP '17
Out Of Stock

Gentilini Robola Wild Paths 2017

This is a Robola of complex creation but we are pretty sure that it will be loved. The creation is complex since grapes are selected from a specific old vineyard while in the preparation "wild" and se..

18.80€ 17.90€Ex Tax: 14.44€

Gentilini Eclipse 2016 Magnum

Black red color and dense aromas, with scents of black cherry, violet and ink, hints of raisins, vanilla and pepper. Robust mouth with sharp tannins, fruity and with a long lasting aftertaste. ..

56.20€ 54.50€Ex Tax: 43.95€

Gentilini "R" Robola of Kefalonia 2015 Out Of Stock

Gentilini "R" Robola of Kefalonia 2015

 A fascinating new effort by Gentilini Winery in Kefalonia. In R, Robola is matured for 24 months with the lees acquiring depth of fruit, aromatic complexity and a fatter mid palate. In addition,..

27.50€Ex Tax: 22.18€

Gentilini Syrah 2016
RP '09

Gentilini Syrah 2016

Solid red and dense aromas of red fruits, ink, vanilla and pepper. Mouth-feel of intense tannin presence that needs the touch of time to take off. Long aftertaste , tannic and fruity. ..

16.70€ 16.20€Ex Tax: 13.06€