Gavalas wines

Nikos Gavalas grandfather Emmanuel Gavalas planted the first vineyards in 1906. At that time he used the Minoan carved presses for the crushing the grapes, that existed in St. Thomas village from which he came from. The must was boiled in large pots. The wine was transported in leather flasks and sold to restaurants and shops. His grandfather was also taking many grapes to other wineries. Over the years the vineyards were increasingly growing. The grapes were eventually sold to other wineries.In 2001 the vineyards have joined the organic farming scheme, believing that organic products protect the environment from pesticide contamination and thus all humans from the grower to the consumer. In 2004 a new modern winery was founded at the family vineyards. All phases from production to bottling take place in the winery modern and integrated unit. Gavalas family involvement with wine comes from their love for the product. This love was passed to them from their ancestors like themselves will try to pass it to their children so as not to loose this valuable tradition.

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