Foundis wines

Foundi winery is a modern family enterprise which is dedicated to the production of high quality wines through the implementation of modern technology methods combined with delicate and careful cultivation treatments of vines. Foundis family originated from the village of Strantza in eastern Thrace. In 1914, they abandonned their place of origin and aften ten years of wandering they eventually settled in Naoussa, where they founded, with other refugee families, the settlement of Nea Strantza. In 1930, Georgios Foundis with his son Theodore planted the first vineyard of the Estate with Xinomavro variety and started occupying with cultivation of vine. In 1992, they etsablished their first winery which was completed in 1998. It is a small-sized family unit which possesses all the necessary machinery to achieve a balanced operation and high quality of products.
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This wine got its name from Olgano, a deified in ancient times River, springing today in the foothills of Vermion. Red shiny and bright. Aromas of xinomavro on the nose, namely red fruit, fresh woo..

12.20€ 11.80€Ex Tax: 9.52€

Foundi Naoussea 2015
RP '12

Foundi Naoussea 2015

Light red color with hues of onion peel. Complex nose with sundried tomato, pepper and ripe plum notes being predominant. Medium volume mouth feel with juicy acidity and softened tannins that offer fi..

11.50€ 11.30€Ex Tax: 9.11€

Estate Foundi Red 2015
RP '11
JR '08

Estate Foundi Red 2015

Brick red semi trasparent color and nose with a deep sense of maturity, full of tomato jam, plum & forest fruit, and vivid details of ham, vanilla, pepper and juniper berries. Moderately thick mou..

14.60€ 14.20€Ex Tax: 11.45€