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Sklavou - Estate

Glowing red color with brick red hues. Aromas of ripe red fruits and cherry, as also sweet quince and grape scents. Dried figs taste in a soft mouth with balanced, tannins and acidity, ratio. Long velvety aftertaste with nice acidity...
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Evriviadis Sclavos is a pioneer of the so-called Natural Wines. He cultivates extremely old vineyards in Lixouri, Kefallonia, in a biodynamic way. The attention to detail characterizes the entire winery, resulting in wonderful wines of intense personality and distinctiveness. Synodos is a blend of l..
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Sclavos Vino di Sasso 2020
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Fermented with indigenous yeasts and following the biodynamic standards of the particular winery. Light yellow color and complex aromatic profile with citrus, flowers and stone fruits like apricot. Harmonious and balanced mouthsense with buttery texture and vitality that lasts...
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Sclavos Efranor 2020
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Lemon yellow color aromas of ripe citrus aromas, roses and almond notes. Balanced mouthsense where the aromas are tasted and a good lasting finish...
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This is the organic version of Sclavos' Mavrodaphne, which comes from high altitude vineyards. The vineyards are cultivated on limestone and marl soils. Alcoholic & malolactic fermentation as well as ageing are performed in oak barrels, while it is bottled unfiltered without any additional sulfu..
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Sclavos Metagitnion 2019
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A very particular white wine produced in small quantities and in an as natural manner as possible. Yellow to orange color with aromas of nuts, caramel, apricot and orange marmalade. Robust, exuberant and slightly tannic mouthsense where caramelized nuts are felt. Long aftertaste. This vintage came w..
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Tsaousi by Evriviadis Sclavos comes from an own-rooted biodynamic vineyard in the area of Monambeles, with a stump of 80 years old. In the glass we find a golden yellow color. In the aromatic characteristics it is elegant, with aromas of tropical fruits, chamomile, ripe citrus fruits and distinct no..
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Sclavos Zakynthino 2019
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Almost golden color, Evryviadis Sclavos' Zakynthino appears in the glass with an intense nose full of honey, nuts and glazed sweet fruit, with noble notes of oxidation. Full and thick in the mouth, holds the same fruit sweetness (though the wine is dry) with the nose, showing tremendous strength and..
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