Kontovrakis wines

Yiannis Kontovrakis vineyard stands in Kranidi of Argolida at an attitude of 300 m., Northeastern onentedand covers 90 acres. They believe that in order to enjoy and relax with tasting a wine, its components should be the experience of centuries, the wisdom of our ancestors and... fine aromas. This is their way. Kranidi is well known not only as the base of the temporary Greek Government of Kountouriotis back in 1823, but also, for the excellence in quality of the agricultural products that grow inthis region of Argolida prefecture.Wine and olive oil soon became major trading items. Seafarers from Kranidi carried wine and oil to Mediterranean market, creating great demand for the particular products.Yiannis Kontovrakis, together with his niece Nadia Kotsaki, today continue their family wine-growingtradition from grandfather to father and today themselves. Yiannis cultivates one rare and perhaps uniquegrape vanety called Rokaniaris together with other grape vaneties such as Sklavos, Roditis, Agiorgitioko, Xinomavro and Cabernet Sauvignon.

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