Evharis wines

“Evharis” wines name comes from the combination of the Estate owners names, Eva Boehme and Haris Antoniou. Two strong personalities from the business world, Eva and Harris, having adopted the Greek values and traditions of wine making, founded a heavenly vineyard on the slopes of Gerania mountains, a few kilometers away from Athens. The Estate owns an extension of 180 acres located on low earthern slopes, at the foothills of Gerania mountains, at an altitude of 380-400 meters, between the Korinthian and Saronikos Gulf and is less than one hour from the noisy city of Athens. The rejuvenation of the vineyard dates back to 1988. Since then till today, the Estate owners have been, totally, dedicated to the art of wine making.
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Estate Evharis Red 2009 -33%

Estate Evharis Red 2009

Bright red color, with complex and deep aromas of red fruit, spice, chocolate, tobacco and spices. Soft, well-made tannins, medium bodied with round structure and spicy aftertaste. ..

14.80€ 9.90€Ex Tax: 7.98€

Assyrtiko Sur Lie 2017

Warm yellow color, intensely metallic nose with distinctive floral and fruity aromas. Volume in mouth, lively acidity and feeling of fresh fruits. Long aftertaste. ..

14.50€ 13.70€Ex Tax: 11.05€