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Avantis - Estate

Freedom is the new effort of Avantis Estate and winemaker Apostolos Moudrichas, to express Syrah in a pure and natural way.Natural winemaking with indigenous yeasts.Bottled unfiltered, with no SO2 addition and further aged in the bottle for 12 months. No oak.Fruity and peppery wine with supple tanni..
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Avantis Estate Agios Chronos (Holy Time) 2017
RP '15
D '16
Silver (90)
Pure red color with purple hues. Animal aromas on the nose, with elements of spices, such as cinnamon and carnation, but also ink, fresh red fruits and hints of alcohol. Fine tannins, warm mouth with alcohol, strong acidity and fruity, strongly peppery aftertaste...
24.30€ 24.80€
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Estate Avantis Syrah 2018
RP '17
D '18
Silver (92)
Vibrant red color, nose reminiscent of fresh herbs, with notes of tobacco, ham, pepper and dried plums. Mouth with sweet spices, lingering acidity, strong, with moderate length and tannins, spicy aftertaste...
11.90€ 12.30€
Ex Tax:9.60€
Estate Avantis Sauvignon Blanc 2020
RP '19
D '16
Commended (85)
Thin yellow color with greenish hues, with nose that exudes notes of lemon, apple and lime, generous and delicate mouth of low-intensity, easy-to-drink and cool...
10.30€ 10.50€
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Avantis Estate White 2020
RP '19
D '16
Commended (85)
Thin yellow color with greenish hues, with nose that exudes notes of lemon, apple and lime, generous and delicate mouth of low-intensity, easy-to-drink and cool...
7.20€ 7.30€
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Avantis Estate Syrah Collection 2016
D '10
Dark red, almost black color, with equally concentrated and masculine nose. Bouquet composed of notes of plum jam, violet, black pepper, leather, tobacco, chestnut and chocolate. Full and round mouth-feel, with good quality tannins, and a strong acidity...
53.90€ 55.80€
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Avantis Estate Lenga Pink 2020
D '20
Silver (92)
The new rosé wine of Avantis Estate comes stylically between the classic rose Aventis and the Plagies Gerakion with an almost sensual blend of Mavrokoundoura and the fragrant Gewurztraminer.Mavrokoundoura is a clone of the Aegean Mandilaria with more velvety tanninsPink-salmon color that continues w..
11.50€ 11.80€
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Apostolos Mountrichas takes another variety of Rhone and succeeds exceptionally. The color is clear yellow-green with some greenish highlights. The nose is expressive with intensity and aromas of apricot, peach, green apple, citrus peels, with notes of vanilla and nuts to follow. The mouthfeel is fu..
14.60€ 14.90€
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Avantis Estate Lenga 2020
RP '18
D '19
Silver (91)
Cool, well-made wine with bright color, aromas of caramel, acacia flowers, apple geranium, mint, ginger and ripe yellow fruits. Aromatic and greasy mouthfeel, with balanced acidity and pronounced but a pleasant sweetness...
11.40€ 11.80€
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Avantis Estate Red 2018
Out Of Stock
A blend characterized by a bright red color, nose starting with aromas of fresh berries, cherries and strawberry jam, ending up with notes of tobacco, chocolate and spices. Well-structured, light mouth, with soft tannins...
7.80€ 7.90€
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Avantis Estate Mavrokoudoura 2017
RP '10
Opaque ruby color. Evolving nose with fruity and spicy aromas of jam, vanilla and coffee. Mouth rich round with moderately high acidity, intense and velvety tannins. Long-lasting aftertaste...
16.90€ 17.40€
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Avantis Winery Afoura 2018
RP '18
D '17
Silver (91)
Out Of Stock
One more top quality Santorini which comes from the famous Avantis estate at Evoia, which has been very active in Santorini the last years. The name of the wine has a reference to the large wooden casks of 1.000 liters, traditionally used in Santorini during wine making. The result is a wine with co..
35.90€ 37.20€
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