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Two enthusiastic beer lovers from Greece, Dia Papanikolaou and George Kostopoulos, and one award-winning professional brewer from Italy – Davide Zingareli – met ‘by chance’ and decided to make a brand new beer in Greece, Delphi Beer. They brewed their first lot in Davide’s own brewery in Italy and the tasty result will be launched in the Greek market at the beginning of June 2013. As of September, though, Delphi Beer is going to be available nationwide, produced exclusively in Greece at the new state-of-the-art brewery of ELIXI S.A. in Halkida.
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Delphi 750ml

Delphi Beer is a Mediterranean beer, Pilsner, blonde and double fermented. It has a distinctive flavor, particularly aromatic, with a light aftertaste, bitter but pleasant, accompanied by a sense of f..

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Marea Beer is a double malt ale beer, made from 5 cereals and distinguished by its mild taste and aroma of citrus fruits and dried fruits. Double fermented unfiltered and unpasteurized, with a deep go..

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