Vassiliou wines

The history of Domaine Vassiliou wines started around 1905. Since then and for three generations, quality wines, from their own vineyards, are produced, combining art and tradition with modern technology. George Vassiliou, the third generation and the current successor of the longstanding tradition has studied Oenology at the University of Dijon in France. He returned in Greece in 1983 and his European expertise along with his passion drove him to the production of bottled wine. Since then, he is trying to utilize all of the native varieties. The privately owned vineyards spread over an area of ​​150 acres in the area of ​​Koropiou (Attica). There, apart from the traditional grape variety Savatiano, Rodites and the endowed Assyrtiko are also cultivated. The winery is closely located to Koropi vineyards.. It is a modern European unit with perfect mechanical equipment, pneumatic presses, stainless refrigerated tanks for fermentation control and containment of the wine aroma. Several meters below the surface of the earth, there are wine aging cellars. At these cellars and in perfect conditions, wines are matured and aged in French oak barrels. Low light, controlled humidity and temperature create the best conditions and assist wines, as living entities, to develop their characteristics. A range of the finest quality bottled wines comes to confirm a a more that 90 years commitment in good quality vinification.

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