Migas wines

Dimitris Migas, whose place of origin is Tyrnavos, owns a vineyard which stretches out over 120 acres and is located in the region of “Palaios Ampelos” (Old Vine). The winery of the estate is one of the most modern and impressive Greek wineries. The name "Palaios Ampelos" implies that historically this place had always been a viniculture land. The varieties cultivated there are the French ones: Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Syrah, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, as also the Greek ones: Muscat of Hamburg, Batiki and Malagousia. The mild continental climate in combination with the sufficient soil drainage favor the production of high quality wines. The unique philosophy of the estate is to bring out the tradition, on the one hand and apply modern technology on the other one, so as to produce premium wines. In order to implement any modern technological breakthrough in winemaking and ageing of wines, he proceeded in investments that contributed to the creation of a winery model, open to visit. In 2011, it was awarded with 6 golden medals, 7 silver ones and 7 special distinction awards.
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Migas Muscat Tyrnavou 2018

Impressine gold-yellowish color. Intense aromatic character of rose and yellow-fleshed fruits. Rich mouth-feel and pleasant after-taste. ..

7.30€Ex Tax: 5.89€

Migas Muscat Tyrnavou Red 2018

Purple-red color and impressive aromas with notes of rose. Balanced mouth-feel with sweet and long aftertaste. ..

7.50€Ex Tax: 6.05€

Migas Chardonnay 2017

Vivid and luminous gold-yellowish color with greenish tints. An elegant and complex aroma with notes of flowers and wood. Rich, fresh and fleshy taste with a long and pleasant after-taste. ..

16.80€Ex Tax: 13.55€

Migas Muscat Tyrnavou Rosé 2019

Bright pink color. Explosive fruit aromas with a sweet rose tint at the end. Rich mouthsense with a pleasant and refreshing aftertaste. ..

7.70€ 7.50€Ex Tax: 6.05€