Voreas distillates

“Voreas Distillates” company has a long tradition in distillate making, dating back to 1880 and in 2000 they started business activities. The name of the company was inspired by ancient Greek God of northern winds, Voreas, who was a handsome, robust young man. It is speculated that he lived at the top of Falakro mountain and loved the horses of Hedoni, residents of Drama. The preoccupation of Patkas family with production of ouzo and raki for more than one century, endowed with knowledge and tradition Voreas distillates company. Today, the company owns modern facilities and a traditional copper pot still, as also a copper pot still of new technology, where they distillate ouzo, tsipouro and liquer of excellent quality. Also, they have established a Food Safety and Quality Management System in accordance with the standards of ISO 22000:2005 and ISO 9001:2008 respectively. With respect to the fascinating process of distillation and all those old recipes, Voreas Distillates welcomes you on a journey of flavors and aromas of its products.
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Tsipouro Voreas with anise

Fresh and spicy, well-made raki, with nerve and refreshing grape aromas that tie harmoniously with the scents of anise. ..

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