Tsililis distillates

The Estate vineyard is located on the slopes around the prehistorical cave of Theopetra findings of old times in the cave, such as grape seeds suggest that, in the past, there was a connection of the area with the grapes, distillates and wines. Here, at Raxa Trikala, in 1989 the Tsililis distillery-winery was founded. Tsililis family was the first to bottle tsipouro Thessaly, with the homonymous geographical indication, recognized by the European Union. Today the family continues to be a pioneer at this effort of highlighting internationally tsipouro, this authentic Greek distillate. Moreover, Tsilis company has released aged and non aged monovarietal distillates, as also limited edition wine bottles.

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Tsipouro Tsililis with anise 0.7lt

Crystal white, with buttery aromas, combined with anise ending with an aggressive way. Pleasant and round mouth feel. Richly flavored with balanced sweetness wine with an interesting aftertaste anise ..

11.40€Ex Tax: 9.19€

Tsipouro Tsililis without anise 0.7lt

Glowing, with rich harmonic and sophisticated banana, rose and exotic fruits aromas. Fruity taste, strongly alcoholic, with a sense of citrus accompanying the aftertaste. ..

11.40€Ex Tax: 9.19€

Dark Cave

A ripe, golden distillate with a wide range of varietal honeyed aromas like prunes, raisins, peel, bergamot and spicy fragrances of vanilla, chocolate and nutmeg, combined with a robust but light-bodi..

34.30€ 32.60€Ex Tax: 26.29€

Agioneri Aged Tsipouro 500ml

Bright color with light golden highlights. Clean, bright with floral citrus characteristics (kumquat) and herbs (eucalyptus) on a background of sweet spices (nutmeg, clove, cinnamon) and hints of hone..

10.50€Ex Tax: 8.47€