Tetteris distillates

In the mid 20th century started the production of Tetteris ouzo. Stylianos Tetteris was the first one to distillate it, in 1846, only for domestic use. His love and passion for this distillate encouraged him to make it widely known in the area and start occupying with its production professionally. Seeing that ouzo was prefered by many people and that the wives of the Turk commander liked the flavor of mastic, he decided to produce a mastic ouzo which was being exported to Constantinople and later Egypt until 1930. In 1912, Ioannis Tetteris (second generation), having inherited the secret recipe of distillation, founded his first Distillery with the official permission of the Greek State. Since then until today, the company still releases one of the highest quality anise ouzo. Eleftherios Tetteris (third generation of the family and honor graduate of Oenology, from the University of Dijon, in France, in 1954) and his brother Stylianos Tetteris were the first to bottle ouzo in Chios, make authentic Brandy (oak barrel aged) and traditional liquers, such as Mastic, Tangerine, Bergamot and Rose which constitute reputed products of the island, well known for their unique fragrance. The most famous product of Chios is Mastic which is known abroad as Chiotissa and is being cultivated in the South side of the island. Mastic is also recognised for its anti microbial therapeutic properties. Ioannis Tetteris (chemist, graduated at the National and Kapodistrian Unigversity of Athens) and Alexandros Tetteris (graduated at the Athens University of Economics) maintain the tradition of the family and keep producing distillates according to the family recipe. Combining the traditional distillation with the scientifical knowledge and modern technology in the bottling and packaging line and quality control they make unique Greek products. Tetteris Distillery was recently certified according to the Quality Management System ISO 9002 and adheres to the guidelines of HACCP.
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Liqueur Masticha Tetteris 500ml

Mastic aroma, discreet on the nose and more lively in taste. Balanced and elegant sweetness. ..

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